Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Indoor gardening

Like so many of my gardening friends I find that winter is far more enjoyable if I can have an abundance of "Green" inside to enjoy. Also like a lot of gardeners I have lived in homes where that was not always possible. Our new home in Holland Michigan however is a dream. The south end of the house is all glass and looks out over the lawn and into the privacy of the woods. From the main level you have views of three sides of the surrounding gardens.

Here's the loft. Not the actual best shot of the view from where I sit just to the right of this picture but it shows you how I placed the house plants in the railing planters and then fed them through the railing to spill over and above the island of the kitchen.
I've often wondered what the Bear really thought when he came back from one of his trips to find the entire main floor now occupied by the plants that had been out on the deck. Then just last week I actually over heard him telling someone that he couldn't imagine the house without all the plants! Thats about as close to a compliment that Im ever going to hear.

The view Im greeted with every morning..

This house was an example of why you don't just buy your house according to the photos on line. I hated the photos to this house when we were looking! They absolutely did the house no justice at all.  The way they had the livingroom set up and the furniture plus no plants you wouldn't believe how different it looked.. especially in the photos!.. Then I went out to see the acreage one afternoon with our realtor (because I was not living here nor licensed here at that time...) Bear wasn't able to go with us that day but I went just to get him to shut up about it!... I got out of the car and saw the big flower beds with groupings of trees nicely done. The pond. The waterfall. Then I walked in and saw the kitchen, started walking up the stairs and turned around to see the livingroom for what I knew it could look like. I knew that when Bear say it we would be done looking. We had found our next possible home.  That was two years ago December 28th. Bear was already living in the Michigan and I was still living in Canada. 
I went out as soon as I had officially moved here and bought myself some new house plants since I had to leave all my plants back in Canada.. Philodendron 'xanado' is in need of being potted up. I absolutely love the texture of these leaves.
I also bought another Philodendron 'pink princess' was short enough it fit under the island  and then grow so beautifully that I've taken her into the loft and she grows through the railing and hangs down towards the dining table. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of it. Google it though as its spectacular.

This Burro's tail wasn't half this length. It started off hanging over the island. They really do not like to be touched though and so it needed to be moved when it got to where it was touching the island. Plus visitors just can't seem to resist touching it! So, I moved it.

This Banana tree was only 2.5 feet tall when I got him this summer. I potted him up in what looked like a over sized pot back in September before bringing him in and he has now grown the five top leaves since.... I think I hear him happily sighing as I water him and watch his leaves unfurl.
The other bluish plant beside him was a gift from a client when she moved... its a very sharp edged plant and I've now put him in the corner so he will quit grabbing my trousers or snagging my hair!

I've introduced you to 'Herk" before... if you haven't read that post you might want to check him out..
These are two of his off spring! Any takers?

Isn't this beautiful... another gift from the client who was moving and wanted to buy new plants for here home.. I took off a couple of the rosettes and put them in with the Jade below to grow them up as I have a thought in mind for some pots out on the deck next summer. Why pay for something I can possibly grow myself.

So here is a rescued Jade plant that fell apart from the same client.... Im happy to report in the month that I have had him he is starting to put out new growth all over. You can see there are other
bits and pieces of the other two blue plants growing alone just nicely too...
The trouble Im going to have with all these house plants is where to put them so I can put up a christmas tree!. Im thinking several will get put into my sewing room for a month or so.
I have been enjoying the amazing warm weather we are getting here and making the most of it by going for walks to the beach with the dogs and just sitting out on the deck or down by the pond.
I even went out last night in a long sleeved t-shirt at 9:30 and sat by the pond. It was 65 yesterday!
To cheer you all up I will leave you with this bit of happily recieved news.... There are only16 more days before the days start getting longer again!

Thank you for stopping by. I really enjoy sharing with all of you and walking through your gardens or seeing what you are doing to enjoy the winter months.
Please do come again.


  1. Yes! I am so looking forward to the days starting to get longer again!

    I very much enjoyed this look at your inside winter garden. I used to have lots of houseplants when I was in college, many years ago. Then I had none for many years, with a little boy and a husband and four cats it was too much to take care of. This past year I bought lots of succulents for big pots outside, and when our first frost was imminent, I couldn't just leave them to it. Now they're inside, all crowded around our only south-facing window. I am so very jealous of your tall bank of south-facing windows.

    Your house is really beautiful. I love that first shot of the plants all hanging down around the kitchen!

  2. I love your house and all your inside plants! I am an appreciator of natural wood and have used it throughout our home. I was able to spend some time in Holland, Michigan this past spring while on a plant pilgrimage to the Saugatuck area. What a beautiful town it is and we so enjoyed the spring bloom in everyone's yards! Larry

  3. It's crazy how many plants you have in your house but they all look amazing. That burrows tail is crazy big, I remember the one here that was always having "issues"....

    Just so you know I have one plant and I've kept it alive since I got it from the college back in March. That's nine months... Awesome right?

  4. The views and the rooms are absolutely stunning! "Sanctuary" is an apt name for the room and the view. I'm envious that you can have so many plants around your house. I don't have many indoor plants because of my cats.