Friday, March 15, 2013

Chitzen itza 2013

This is the main temple at Chitzen itza. It seems fitting to post on it as the Spring equinox is March 20th. If you are standing before this temple the rising sun will play tricks by casting a shadow from the top corner that then shows bright light and then dark on every other level creating what would like like a snake slithering down the levels.. I'm not a lover of snakes at all.The Mayan however are and snakes are used in statues throughout this site. I can certainly appreciate the engineering that would of went into the creation of this building back in a time of no machines. The Mayans didn't use horses or oxen.  Another amazing feat is that if you stand directly at the bottom of the steps and then clap your hands three times rapidly the echo coming back at you sounds like the call of an eagle.
If you count the number of steps going up to the main chamber at the top and count the final step into the chamber that equals 365 steps. There is a lot of fascinating things to learn about as with all cultures.  You can no longer climb up the steps as I did 10 years ago. To many elderly people were climbing up and then getting stuck or falling. It actually seems a lot taller standing up there looking around then it does just standing at the bottom.

Another one of the ruins. at the end of one of their "cycles" then they liked to change things up to show the going from one cycle to another. This often meant that they would build another layer over an existing building making it bigger. Taller..
One of the captivating story's around this site is their playing field. Different tribes would select their best warriors and send them to play. The losing team would literally be beheaded! Hows that for incentive. This ring is a good 12 feet up the wall and using only their hips, knees or elbows they would bump the ball and try to direct it into this hole. Other arenas had sloping sides that the players would be able to run up and therefore the hole was easier to get the ball through.
This area is built in such a way that if you talked in a normal voice while standing at the one end
the royals in the chamber at the other end could hear without shouting.

This is the Royals box. Giving them a very good view of the warriors playing. Also, of the beheading.

After standing in the heat and avoiding the peddlers who are unfortunately now lined up absolutely everywhere, our next visit was to a Cenote. A natural underground fed watering hole. Also used during troubles for human sacrifice. We were allowed to jump in for a swim. Even had I not been sick I wouldn't of joined in. I would rather take pictures. I have a theory....Whatever ate the bodies thrown into the still down there!

These two men put on quite the dance.
This was just one of the day trips we experienced on our 11 days in Mexico this year.
I actually came down with a horrible head cold the day after arriving so I didn't get to go
diving or snorkleing this time. Very upsetting! We did however have a great time and
made the most of the wonderful weather and amazing food.
I love that my yard has less then half the snow it had in it when I left and also where the snow
melted away I have daffodils that have grown a good four inches. There is a diffinant
smell of spring in the air. Im rubbing my palms together and planning on where to start.
Yes...another gardening year is right around the corner.....finally!