Friday, October 26, 2012

 Here it is October 26th.. another glorious day at Frog Hollow... minus the frogs!..
I must remember to google and find out where or what they do for the winter months...

 Tootsie's Fertilizer Fridays are a great way to remind us just how much we actually still have blooming in our gardens.  With any luck though I will get to cut my garden back this weekend so that I can start getting that 30 yards of mulch spread....
So, enjoy your walk.....
This is my climbing rose out by the garage.

I could not believe the things I've already cut back that have very determinedly decided to bloom again! This is a ligularia. Im not sure of the species of this one.

Instead of carving a pumpkin I have bought a pumpkin stack... You walk around and pick out the pumpkins you like... stack them up to suit you and voi la... the little frog pumpkin was an after thought.. He went for a walk through the garden trying out all different spots till he found one where hopefully he will be safe from chipmunks and dogs!

This is my 1.99 rose...

 Since I'm suppose to be taking the week off and letting my head heal I found myself having time to go and walk through some of my favorite garden centers which are all trying so hard to get closed for the winter.. 50%, 60% and 80% off.... wow... count me in! So I felt compelled to help by doing my share.
This 5 foot long pot was cracked up the side and I got it for next to nothing. These are my colours. It was just meant to be. Hopefully the Hens and Chicks will grow and spread to look as if they are spilling out.

This pot because it has the same colours will go in the same bed somewhere......

I had already bought the orange/brown and molted blue in the spring... but, I did pick up  two more of the orange/brown in different sizes...

I had bought the small molted red pot in mid summer. I managed to get the two larger ones for 50% off. NOTE...... there were very few small pots left... Next summer if I buy any more pots at full price its going to be the smaller ones knowing that the sales come on and what is left... This sale has been going on for over a month. I was just able to resist going and looking until today.

Here's the frog pumpkin looking very pleased with himself.
That's all for Frog Hollow this week.
I'm looking forward to walking all the other gardens that have linked into Tootsie time's Fertilizer Fridays...
Hope you enjoy walking my garden for what could be the last time of showing any flowers. From now on it will be projects of garden art/ sculptures etc and of course its now Quilting season..
Please leave me a comment so I know you've been.
Ta raaa

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Autumns coat of many colours

My flowers are still holding on....despite mother natures ice storms and the first frost of the year. Each morning I walk around and drink in the beauty of this garden. Feeling the blessings that have come into my life and giving thanks to God. I am pushing out all negativity in my life and working at walking with an attitude of gratitude and being positive in all aspects of my day. 
I can not do anything strenuous at the moment due to the continuing concussion and a pinched nerve in my right hip!....But I'm thankful that I put in a LOT of hours literally the day before the accident!
I can not spread the 20 yards of mulch that is sitting in my drive way waiting.....But I'm thankful that I was able to buy the mulch and that it will sit there waiting until I can spread it!
In all aspects that I might want to take a negative thought process, I find myself looking for the positive spin to it.... Believe me this is not always easy. But, it certainly helps you stay in a much happier place emotionally.  There is a saying about not grumbling and saying "I will be happy when.".... But, being happy as you work your way through whatever you are going through...
I have a lot to be thankful for..... and I plan on focusing on that!
 This might not be a flower... But, I think the flower buds setting on the Dogwood are beautiful. I love there little buds and even when the leaves drop off they provide a neat interest to the tree.
 We were dry for a lot of the summer... Farmers crops failed.... So when the rains started a couple weeks ago everyone was dancing... a dry fall last year and very low snow fall through the winter proceeded the dry spring and summer. Our water tables need all the replenishing they can get. I will not be pouting or holding pity parties for one that its raining... Even when it rains through the night and the temperature's drop below freezing creating not rain droplets on my plants but ICE.....
The plants warmed up when the sun finally broke through and everything perked right back up. Well, not everything. But, for this time of year... I will not complain.. Instead I will see the beauty in the frozen droplets hanging on my grasses.


this is a climbing rose out by the pole barn that continues to bloom and grow.
At the Northeast corner of our house there is new life appearing....
Colours of leaves are stealing the show from the flowers.. beauty is everywhere.
Sedums that were such pale non pleasing dusty pinks are now going a darker red.
Even though the temperatures have been hovering above zero... this just keeps getting better.
Waves of yellow and purples contrasting with the Hostas leaves....some still holding there own colour depending on how protected they are from the trees behind or above them.
Some of the leaves that were red last week have fallen and others are taking the center stage.
This is the same grass that was covered in frozen ice droplets now seeming totally untouched.
Intensity of yellows, oranges and reds seem to change daily... again, I find myself walking the garden when I get home... or sitting out on the deck even with a sweat shirt just to be able to enjoy every minute of this glorious time of year.
Just look at all the colour here even after I've cut back some Sedums that got divided and spread.. I've pulled off some of the seed pods from the butterfly weed to encourage new seedlings in the spring before I go and mulch....
I cleaned up the edges preparing for the mulch giving it a deep trench to hold it on the flower beds and hopefully slow down the grass creeping into the flower beds.
Certainly looking different from this angle now...  But, my eyes see the spring flowering bulbs newly planted and my Inner gardening goddess does back flips at all that I have managed to accomplish and do through out this garden this past summer.  Hopefully, she won't be scowling and tapping her toes with her arms crossed in the spring if it doesn't come out as planned!
I was given two old watering cans... I'm not sure where or how I will use them in the garden at the moment. For now though they sit on a bare spot.
I love this beehive shaped one... Maybe I should sit it where that nest is. JUST in case I didn't get them all and they return next year!
I've loved that this bed somewhat hides the propane tank behind the tall grasses. The viburnum that is growing there will one day be a more solid resting place for the eyes and yet the grasses will grow through the summer and create a wonderful movement with the seed heads in the later part of summer.
This Iris is along the front walk.. It made me a few minutes later getting to work but I just had to collect the evidence!... Hasn't it been just the weirdest year for the plants. I thought my head was all wishy washy with this concussion... But, the plants in my garden have been displaying some real confusion themselves!
Look at the buds on this....
Here's the 20 yards of mulch... waiting... A few of my work colleagues asked if Bear was going to spread it for me.... Would you let someone with self confessed no gardening sense or knowledge of plant materials trample around your flower beds spreading mulch.... is just not happening...
Besides its football season..and who knows what else... Bear, if at home is down in his man cave soaking up all the sports he can... Me, I'd rather be out in the rain digging and dividing and doing what I can before the ground starts to freeze. Bear usually has something hot and warming for when I finally realize I can no longer see and I'm cold!  That's a great trade off in my books. He will also blow out the irrigation and pull the pump from the pond.  Plus, he does the mowing!
I won't be going anywhere near this pile this weekend...But, I will use the time to measure the beds and start drawing out a planting plan of our garden.
I took this just before the freezing rain storm this week... The burning bush dropped its leaves right after..
So, here's all the Autumn colour in my garden for the week of October 19th.
Thanks for dropping by Frog Hollow...
The frogs have all found somewhere warmer it seems... The Mermaid is still hanging out but, I'm sure that even she is thinking of leaving!
Please leave me a comment so I know that you've been. Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy whatever it is you are able to do in your gardens this weekend.