Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I can sing a Rainbow...Blues at Mermaid at Frog Hollow

Blue... as a gardener I love this colour. I'm always looking for it to add to my garden. However, not all blues are created equally. The one true blue flower that I absolutely adore I realized on my trip to Alberta and in visiting the Reader Rock Historical garden where I use to work..... I do not have! How can this possibly happen... See if in walking through the blues of Frog Hollow if you can figure out which flower that is.....

Phlox is a perennial that grows and clumps easily. I have been able to split and spread this through out my garden using the element of repetition.
This is actually a Butterfly bush... and lived up to its name. It truly was covered with butterflys..

I hope to have this spread and actually put in several shades and species together in this grouping to make a stronger impact and statement.
Love how these lilys make the blue even bolder... This is what placement should do for perennials... present each plants attributes to advantage. Chunky and small. Brutes and Dainty...
Soft and airy.. Silvery foliage and growing in the dry bed along with the cactus and Cupids darts.

I know I have other "blue" Iris's but do not seem to of captured them in photos... 

I had huge four feet clumps of this Monkshood in Alberta and look forward to the three plants growing together in the new garden. I wonder if I will be patient enough or have to buy some more next summer to get a quicker result.
Love the intense blue especially with the furry silver of the Lambs ear. See all the different textures of leaves?

The few Hens and Chicks that I placed at the front of this pot really did spread over the past summer. I am pleased with the result.
Caryopeteris was an amazing butterfly magnet.  A stunning addition to the butterfly garden.

Well I am feeling much brighter and cheered up after walking through the blues of my garden. I hope that you are as well. 
Thank you for visiting my garden.  Please leave me a message so I know that you have been. Its always good to see your garden through another s eyes. 


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Mermaids apology....

Thank you everyone that has sent emails inquiring "Where has Manic Monday gone"! 
My sincere apology's. First of all I'm incredibly touched that it was missed!. My youngest daughter flew over from Alberta Canada to visit from December 2nd to the 9th. My focus was totally on her! (I will tell you about that in a future post. )  December 2nds post was suppose to be about the cookie exchange.  My cookie exchange got moved around due to conflicts.  I truly meant to post that! If you had prepared something for the link in and I let you down I'm sorry!  My cookie exchange is actually tonight now after being rearranged three times! Its been snowing here and the roads are not the greatest with the wet snow.. blustery winds that turn it to ice. It will be interesting to see how many ladies are brave enough to venture out! I'm currently in the office and will head home to plow out the long driveway and put finishing touches to the dinner etc. A huge Thank you to the neighbor behind us for plowing out the main drive and all I really need to do is our actual driveway. By the way, why is it that these storms only hit when Bear is away? You can pretty much time every storm. If he says he is going away for work...just slot in a snow storm and or what passes as cold weather for Michigan. (14F is considered cold here...and YES I am getting acclimatized to where I catch myself actually not only saying its cold but feeling that it is indeed cold!)
So on Monday... I will pick up Manic Mondays again with a post about the Cookie exchange. Although I have promised not to post pictures of the pajamas we are suppose to wear!...
Today I will leave you with a sneak picture of my cookies....Thank you Pinterest for the inspiration!

of course when I choose "melted snowman" for my cookie theme... I was going off the past two years where there really wasn't any snow at this time of year.  I believe I jinxed myself. 
So all though it isn't Monday.... It will be "Manic" as I am in the office until 1pm... Then I have a few errands to run quickly... have to rush home to plow... finish cooking and decorating. ( my front door entrance decoration is still sitting in a pile waiting to be created!!) That's what you get when you let the SAD get you and all of a sudden you find the day has arrived... Although, looking out at the lake effect storm that has rolled back in around yet again...... I'm waiting for the phone to start ringing or emails to arrive that announce one by one that they are not arriving.  Getting home and starting the a roaring fire..turning on the Christmas tree lights and the smell of all the festive food will brighten my day... that and the "Momma Latte's" I'm serving with the cookies! My guest have the option of "pairing a beverage" with their chosen cookie... just to add a twist!.

Those of you that live in climates  that stay green.... I envy you... I need my garden! Its my therapy. 
I do love to ski and skate and snow mobile... but, when you live somewhere where these things are not readily available to you it makes winter not as fun as it could be! Perhaps I need to pull on my big girl panties  and just go outside and make some snow angels or snowmen!.
Either way a pity party is never pretty and I have wallowed in mine for far too long!
So bright and cheerful will be the order for the rest of the year!

Seize the day and make it cheerful. Or, fake it till you actually feel it!


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I can Sing a Rainbow ....Pinks

Although the house is decorated and its really Christmas feeling. Its quiet now without my youngest here.  But... Tonight I have my Christmas cookie exchange. So I've actually sat during a quieter moment and prepared this for you. So to take a moment... grab a cuppa.. kick back and enjoy your walk through the garden.... Get in touch with your softer pink side..

Monarda... One of my favorites.. your probably saying to yourself that I seem to have a lot of favorites! It is very true. I do....

Now if I had thought of it I would of switched the pinks to the beginning and kept the reds closer to Christmas. But, then I wouldn't be singing the song in order. Since it is a song used to teach children their colours I had best sing it right!
I hope you enjoyed your stroll through the pastels and brights and every intensity in between. Even a few butterfly's thrown in!
Its the silly season with lots of Christmas parties. Quality time with friends and food! Perhaps not nearly as much time spent doing Yoga as I should.
Have a fantastic week