Sunday, November 25, 2012

I have enjoyed my first American Thanksgiving.....two Thanksgivings in two months is a very good thing! We prepared our meal and put the turkey in the oven then took the dogs to our favorite place to hike... The Felt Mansion.  You can take several different trails down to the shores of Lake Michigan and then walk up the beach and back through an old Oak forest. We take the trails less traveled so that we can make it a much longer and enjoyable hike for both the dogs and ourselves. It was a beautiful day of 60 degrees! I will have to blog about the hike another time as Im not able to put any new photos up at the moment....(Brianna..... your mother needs your help again!)
We got back from our hike in time to further baste the turkey to brown it off and then cook the veggies.  We have a lot to be thankful for this year and it certainly has been a year of many many changes in our lives. One of the biggest felt changes is that my daughters are all so far away from me and just how badly I miss them. Of course I feel that even more so on days like this..Im use to them being home and usually bringing someone who other wise would of been on their own.  This year it was just the bear and I.  My heart goes out to all the people who were affected by hurricane Sandy and pray that they were brought in from the cold by someone more fortunate or able to break bread with old friends or new.
So this is it for now my new friends from the blogging world.... I have several posts I need to get up and several new projects Im looking forward to sharing with all of you.
For now Im going to go and get on the elliptical.... since the girls didn't come for dinner there was a lot more for the bear and I to eat and cooking for only two is something I have not mastered......