Monday, November 5, 2012

November 2

Mermaid post Sandy, has ventured from the side of the pond to find a sunnier position in the garden.
She found it annoying watching me cutting down the flowers and getting covered in the fine dust of the mulch as well as the noise's I was making and had the gall to call singing!
By the way, Mermaid was bought at Cape May this summer while I was there visiting family.

I managed to spread some mulch in the beds closest to the house. This picture helps me break the bed down into indiviual beds in my mind. I will use this when making reference in my planting plans.. The different rock levels create wonderful natural divisions.

As you can see a lot of blooms were sacrificed to allow for getting the mulching done and again as I keep saying to reduce my work load in the spring.

Here are the sea glass rocks that I bought in Cape May and made into tree jewelery. The idea was that they would gently help the boughs "weep" down ward....

close up showing how I just wrapped the rock with the copper wires

 Mermaid wasn't sure where she wanted to sit to capture the best rays..

This rock seemed to fit her needs very well. She is protected from the wind and rain nestled under this Holly.
My prayers go out to all the people who have lost so much during "Sandy"......