Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tis the season to decorate

It was always a tradition in our family like so many families to go out and find the perfect tree...
I grew up in Northern British Columbia, Canada where there can be a lot of heavy wet snow which would cover the trees and making it a game to find just the one. It involved hours of driving around the lake and up back roads. We would get out and walk through the forest looking for trees we had spotted while out riding checking our cows. Often we tried to mark them with ribbons which seemed to only signal to others that here is a beautiful tree! 
We would stop and have hot chocolate and eat some of my mothers amazing cookies. We would also stop in to some of the other farmers homes and visit and wish them a Merry Christmas.  Its a tradition that I also passed down to my daughters. One I truly loved. However, after going to college for Horticulture and realizing just what goes in to getting a tree to that size I just didn't feel good about cutting one down for just two or three weeks of self satisfaction. This is a personal thing.. So this year I invested in an artificial tree.  I also love the idea that I can have it up far longer and really enjoy the season and all the decorating that goes along with this time of year.
I have to say that Im enjoying not having to worry about watering it. Needles dropping or the tree getting too dried out that its becoming a fire risk!

Holland Michigan has remained warm enough that on December 10th there is still no snow!
Do I miss -27 Celsius Calgary weather.. (oh! lets not forget that we have to add a wind chill factor to that too!)  -27 C is actually -16.6 F.... BUrrrrrrrrrrrr considering that at the moment its 35 here!..
NOPE...Im not missing the weather.. I did however add some icicles to my decor!

This is my sugar plum fairy. She was bought in a year when there wasn't going to be a tree!
She was our only Christmas decoration... She is now 28 years old
 She was bought for me as an act of kindness when I was feeling so down for being so far away from my family.

I had a collection of Santa's from different countries. These two are from Russia.

I have a very soft spot for leprechauns... (VERY different from Gnomes! which is a whole
other post I must do.) I loved the Lord of the Rings trilogy and can't wait for the Hobbit.

My girls commented on me getting the first couple but then they got into the spirit and bought their mom a couple more!

This little guy is travelling around the house looking for a comfy spot. Trouble is I get them situated and then forget to pack at least one or two up!

a better shot at night showing the icicles.

I have been enjoying sitting and just being at peace..

Its been an amazing first  year with so many big hurdles to get over for us.
A lot of huge challenges. The biggest is being so far apart from my girls for over a year now. Digging out all the decorations that they have made me over the years. All the memories of decorating and baking and watching Christmas movies. Going to a live theatre performance together. Shopping. They were, are my best friends. I'd really love a girls weekend for Christmas Santa if your listening..But, with these  Challenges have also came some really
wonderful rewards. I feel truely blessed every day.
My health seems to be improving.
I've joined several groups and have made a lot of new friends.
I've started the first Interact club for the Holland Rotary Club which is extremely rewarding.
I've also had what everyone else keeps saying is a tremendous first 6 months of saleing Real Estate..
My Garden is on three tours summer of 2013  Yikes!... what have I done...
Im looking forward to 2013 and all that it will bring.

Im spending the rest of December in Preparation....

Planning without action is futile
Action without planning is FATAL...