Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I can Sing a Rainbow ....Pinks

Although the house is decorated and its really Christmas feeling. Its quiet now without my youngest here.  But... Tonight I have my Christmas cookie exchange. So I've actually sat during a quieter moment and prepared this for you. So to take a moment... grab a cuppa.. kick back and enjoy your walk through the garden.... Get in touch with your softer pink side..

Monarda... One of my favorites.. your probably saying to yourself that I seem to have a lot of favorites! It is very true. I do....

Now if I had thought of it I would of switched the pinks to the beginning and kept the reds closer to Christmas. But, then I wouldn't be singing the song in order. Since it is a song used to teach children their colours I had best sing it right!
I hope you enjoyed your stroll through the pastels and brights and every intensity in between. Even a few butterfly's thrown in!
Its the silly season with lots of Christmas parties. Quality time with friends and food! Perhaps not nearly as much time spent doing Yoga as I should.
Have a fantastic week