Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I can sing a Rainbow ..... Yellow

A wonderful bright cheerful colour in any garden. A colour that a lot of gardeners start feeling they have in abundance. Its a colour easily found in nature and there for found in just about every species. I for one welcome the first flowers in spring which often bring a lot of yellow. I also welcome whatever has the tenacity to keep blooming well into November. If its yellow. Then so be it. 

Now had I been more organized when I loaded these photos I would of put them in the order they actually bloom in my garden. Perhaps a way to tweak it next year.

This is a good example of how yellow hangs on when everything else has turned to seed heads or died back... 

Not a real yellow but so beautiful I had to share it somewhere.

Okay so not a flower! But it was such a delight and a bright spot amongst all the deep green of the leaves. They certainly jumped out at you like a flower.

There you have it. The yellows now take a curtsy. That's two colours down and a fair few more to go.
If I spread this song out just right I actually might be able to make it last till at least the new indoor starts are popping up inside.  Im going to have to move a lot of my larger house plants so that I can start some more perennials etc.. unless I do actually get busy and start that greenhouse I'd love to have. I watched "Beastly" and every time it  make's me crave a greenhouse like he built with the used windows. We shall see...
Thanks for taking the time to drop by. Please feel free to leave me a message.  I enjoy seeing who's been in my garden and its always open to visitors.  This time of year though you would be greeted with a Chai tea latte or hot chocolate. Theres also lots of Christmas cookies waiting for someone to eat them.