Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I can sing a Rainbow...Blues at Mermaid at Frog Hollow

Blue... as a gardener I love this colour. I'm always looking for it to add to my garden. However, not all blues are created equally. The one true blue flower that I absolutely adore I realized on my trip to Alberta and in visiting the Reader Rock Historical garden where I use to work..... I do not have! How can this possibly happen... See if in walking through the blues of Frog Hollow if you can figure out which flower that is.....

Phlox is a perennial that grows and clumps easily. I have been able to split and spread this through out my garden using the element of repetition.
This is actually a Butterfly bush... and lived up to its name. It truly was covered with butterflys..

I hope to have this spread and actually put in several shades and species together in this grouping to make a stronger impact and statement.
Love how these lilys make the blue even bolder... This is what placement should do for perennials... present each plants attributes to advantage. Chunky and small. Brutes and Dainty...
Soft and airy.. Silvery foliage and growing in the dry bed along with the cactus and Cupids darts.

I know I have other "blue" Iris's but do not seem to of captured them in photos... 

I had huge four feet clumps of this Monkshood in Alberta and look forward to the three plants growing together in the new garden. I wonder if I will be patient enough or have to buy some more next summer to get a quicker result.
Love the intense blue especially with the furry silver of the Lambs ear. See all the different textures of leaves?

The few Hens and Chicks that I placed at the front of this pot really did spread over the past summer. I am pleased with the result.
Caryopeteris was an amazing butterfly magnet.  A stunning addition to the butterfly garden.

Well I am feeling much brighter and cheered up after walking through the blues of my garden. I hope that you are as well. 
Thank you for visiting my garden.  Please leave me a message so I know that you have been. Its always good to see your garden through another s eyes.