Thursday, June 6, 2013

Iris at Frog Hollow

A burst of colour.... I rearranged my garden last fall as a lot of you who follow me know. I've been waiting to see how its going to look. Did I achieve what I envisioned?
I most certainly did..... I'm happy with the results so far.

This is the Iris positioned in front of the red Rhododendron. It also ties in the yellow Iris and the red Rhododendron.. Its also a group of "three" yet all different!. 
This bed was part of the Monochromatic... its now celebrating life with brilliance and it has more changes to go through yet!
You can see part of the "disappearing Monochromatic"

This Rhododendron actually looks "redder" in the garden..This is the mature plant that I found back in the woods on our garden. I wanted it to be somewhere where I could enjoy it. 

I have a lot of these Iris.  Would love to find someone to share with or trade.
If you live close and wants some... let me know!

Love the intensity of this blue. It provides a real "pop" of colour.

I throw in the yellow ones to give some contrast with the light purple and to bring the yellow in the purple ones out.

These beauty's are up on the berm and will be moved to a new home once they finish 

I put this white Iris in a position where I can see it looking across the length of the pond from the deck. 

A pretty pastel shade. 

this is only the start of this show as its actually a good 6 x 8 foot area of this Iris.

looking through this clump of Siberian Iris you see the yellow creeping jenny and the "Chuhuly" rose...
I'm excited to see the first bloom..

I waited for this clump of Siberian Iris to bloom hoping that the orange Rhododendron would still be blooming.... well there are two blooms still holding on and a lot of orange petals on the ground...But, I did get sort of the effect I wanted. It would of been better without the hard rain through the night last night!  There are possibly other Iris that I haven't represented here and a few that have yet to bloom so I will show them another time.
Thank you for stopping by today. Frog Hollow welcomes all curious and interested people for the simple exchange of a smile!
Word of warning..... I usually am very careful to wear safety glasses when I weed in certain areas that have a vicious weed I do not know the name of which when seed sets disperses its seed at the slightest touch...also, I wear them when I'm working around one particular ornamental grass that is incredibly sharp and stiff. I did not last night and I'm paying the price of a cut on my cornea.. It is incredibly painful. Remember that not all species we love to look at play nice. Take care of yourself.
I'm hooking up with Fertilizer Friday over at Tootsie Time. Have a fantastic weekend.