Thursday, June 13, 2013

This day changed my life forever.......

Another day started with me sitting out on the deck having my morning tea watching a sleepy foggy morning stretch and yawn..... The flower"s blooms nodded in repose lifting towards the warmth of the sun as it struggles to thread its  way through the denseness and lift the fog....
The fish even began to swim around and leave the security they feel while hiding under the water lily's

The ever changing view of my garden beckons me to wander and enjoy...

 Each day brings constant changing and growth to add to the lushness and contrasting textures..

Its a glorious day about to unfold... The pleasures and challenges yet unknown but eagerly anticipated...

Im still in my house coat and bare foot yet I've grabbed my camera and like a seasoned sleuth I advanced on each colourful grouping snapping pictures as they prepare to take front stage in the next act of "Summer of 2013"

I try to calm the nerves of the first blooms and encourage them of their ability to captivate and tantalize their audience...

I hide the fact that Im fighting with dead batteries and squeezing out each shot.

My breath held as I beseech to get just one more pose over and over again..

Finally I realize that the mosquitos have enjoyed a hardy morning buffet with me their distracted prey!.
I admit defeat and tell myself that while searching for new batteries that the remaining cast can practice their lines and then I will be back to recapture those precious last minutes as the curtain of fog fully lifts and the spot light pins points each dew moisten star of the day.....

There are further storms expected tonight and I know that these peonys will not be looking as good after the storm. This bed is viewed from my kitchen window.

I love how the centers are so yellow when they first open and the dark green of the foliage.

This bed has certainly filled in. Its a good thing I transplanted three of the peonys that were here to other areas of the garden.

The dark glossy green of the peony foliage adding to all the contrasting foliage going on in this bed after the first act of the columbine

The Cupids darts are really starting to send up their flowering shoots and Im very excited to see what they will add to the next act. The didn't flower last year as they had been planted in an area long over grown with trees and too greatly shaded.

The Chuhuly rose viewed from the grassy sward looking up through the Siberian Iris has a whole different look

I've not caught the colouring very well here. There are however several more buds forming so I shall have more opportunity in future acts to follow.

The yellow climbing rose that was a gift in memory of one of my best friends who went to his final resting place in my garden. Binx my dog continues to be missed and at times I still find myself expecting to see him come and lay in the shade and watch me garden.

This rose was sadly attacked by some kind of leaf munching bug.. I've sprayed it and hopefully it will gain healthier foliage.

The poppies have really grown this year. Im leaving the seed pods to encourage them to self seed and perhaps I will have even more next year.

This white one looks great up against the dwarf Alberta spruce.

The Siberian Iris here are just about to take their final bow and leave the stage for this summer.

Mermaid was heard "tutting" as we spied this chipmunk be even more cheeky then usual.

Its only the 13th of June. A most memorable day in my life... 29 years ago I became a mom for the first time...... My life changed forever..
Happy Birthday daughter #1....

I can't wait to check out who else has linked up over at Tootsie time for Fertilizer Friday.