Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday calmness

 It's Black Friday here... The day after the Turkey coma grabs you! People were camped out before the doors opened and for the first time on the actual Thanksgiving day in what I believe I heard was over 200 years. I calmly told myself with out any hesitation yesterday that there was nothing I needed that would make this non-shopper.....go our into the hoards of crazed "possible savings" frenzy...
 I woke this morning having slept in an extra half hour. Made my tea and sat down to quilt. I realized that I had not prepared my post for today so started up the laptop. While it started I checked my smart phone and then opened an email that lured me in! Black Friday savings....WOW! 
I started sifting through all the various items and seeing indeed the incredible savings. Yes! I could use some new sheets... Oh those tall boots sure look great! I have lost another pants size so lets check out the trousers.... and on and on it went..... Do I dare attempt to go?  Well, that would mean actually combing my hair and getting dressed! I do need to go into the office and deal with some new contracts... Here I go... the shopping demons have grabbed even this non shopper!! yikes!!! 
But at least at the end of the madness I can come home to the tranquility and the place that is my Sanctuary... My very own indoor garden.

This is what the mermaid does for the winter months... In March there will be starts competing for the window space... Unless I build that much longed for greenhouse!
I have the Tootsie madness.... don't we all?  Speaking of Tootsie.. You've got it. Im linking up over at Fertilizer Friday with Tootsie.. See all of you over there.
Have a fantastic weekend. Please leave me a note to tell me you've been. I will answer... I know Im behind..But I will.. and love to read them all.