Thursday, January 2, 2014

Purity of white by moonlight

As many of you know... we have a pond that gives us a lot of pleasure... Our log house has a walk out basement and the deck is therefore a good nine feet in the air over looking not only the pond but also a majority of all the different beds.   Because we do spend a lot of our evening out on the deck I wanted to accentuate the "white" to create a wonderful almost mystical effect with the moonlight... If I had better photography skills I could show you! But... you will have to just see what the flowers and variegated plants of the moon garden look like in the daytime.. Enjoy your walk....
I really do need to add some more white Lily's..

Right now the entire garden is shrouded in a blanket of snow... The trees are wearing a cloak of it and resemble hunched over men... The imagination can take flight on such winter days when one looks out dreaming of what was and what will be...... Seed catalogues have arrived and its time to put the lose of a dear office colleague  to rest and embrace the joy of the new year...Christmas tree and decorations need to be put away to make room for plant starts...To start plans for a new greenhouse.... and to get back to blogging!
Some times life has a way of getting in the way of the best laid plans...
Happy New Years everyone....
May it bring you Abundance of good health... Love... Laughter.... and a garden that gives you tremendous pleasure!
May all this snow and cold be minimizing the "little beasties" that ravaged the foliage of my garden!! 

Thank you for all the emails... I am back!