Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Mothers day treat.

So where does a mom who can not be with her children go on Mothers day... Well, if she is a gardener she goes to a garden!
I was lucky this year as Bear was actually working up in Chicago so I got to go up for the night and head over to the garden early.
If I can't be with my girls or the back of a horse off riding in the mountains... The garden is where you will find me. I was mesmerized by how much further along Chicago was then Holland. Colour galore 
 I love bold groups of colour like this. How can you look at this and not smile. You can't right? It just cheers me up instantly.
 Smart phones are wonderful as I was able to talk to two of the girls while sitting in this garden and enjoying the day. I found a wonderful quiet place to sit and gaze out on the gardens beauty while we all caught up on our lives. I actually was at the garden from 10 till 6:30 that night!
 Later that afternoon I was able to facebook with the middle daughter. Life was grand. No it doesn't replace actually being together but they are a text or facebook message away. When I left home it was to be a young army bride over in Europe. It was good old snail mail back then. Funny enough one of the places I always feel my mother is in a garden. My mom loved her flowers and was a fantastic vegetable gardener.

 Although my Magnolia is pink.. I can not wait for it to get this big!

This was also an information gathering trip. The Chicago Botanic garden is very educational. There are information signs every where as well as the tags for learning what shrubs or trees you like.
Seeing the large Imperial Crowns made me smile because a "happy" client just gifted me five from her garden. They didn't like being transplanted this spring but they will bloom for me next year.
They actually look like a plant out of a Doctor Seus book to me.
But arn't they beautiful and look how they the yellow primula look
as a fore ground to them. I'll have to take that in to consideration and think about where I put mine in. I believe they are in between some big yellow daffodils along the rock wall.  I may just have placed them in a very pleasing settling. I guess we will be waiting till next spring to find out.
Hope you liked this techno colour walk. I know I sure did. 
How did you spend your mothers day? 

thanks for stopping in and checking out whats going on ...
we will be back at Frog Hollow next post so I hope to see you there.

Kate :)

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