Thursday, May 15, 2014

Better late then never!

Hello from Mermaid at Frog Hollow...  Thank you for all the emails we received from concerned followers.
Really its all just down to the winter that won't end and then cleaning up all the damage once it did finally thaw out!.. Now work is keeping me busy as the housing market has really turned around in our part of Michigan. Thankfully!

I did take photos throughout the winter and even while over in Mexico this year. I just never seem to find the time to sit and get them posted. Then there becomes that point at which it all just seems so in the pass. 
I missed sharing all the crocus and how beautifully they are already spreading. The Hellebore are doing great although dividing them did take away from the impact they normally have. They really did Herald in the spring.

Primroses already had blooms opening even under the snow. I did 
actually have to remove some frozen leaves when the temps dropped just a little too much!

The cooler weather has a positive side though in that the spring time cooler weather flowers are actually lasting longer.

A little bit of Blue among the yellow that will hopefully spread and have a much bigger presence next year.

Not looking as spectacular but every bit of colour and green is a very well received bonus after the blanket of white.

I actually had the pond cleaned out and up and running a month ago in anticipation of the frogs. I finally heard some last weekend. Although the temps are back down in the 40's this week so they are hiding.

Tulip time here is Holland started off with a lot of green but then did flush out to beautiful colours as the week progressed.
Here's the first of the tulips in my garden.
More to follow.

Hows everything in your gardens. It seems Im running full out to try to play catch up!
Thanks for dropping by. I hope to be more consistent through the summer. But it was nice to be missed!