Friday, May 16, 2014

She's Back!

Since the frogs were braving the chilly weather the Mermaid thought she best take up her post.

Even with the very few days above 70 degrees everything is growing rapidly. Beds have been edged and its a fight to keep up with the weeds already.

I've really loved using the Creeping Jenny as a ground cover under the roses and I've started spreading it to other dark areas through out the garden for contrast.

This was actually taken May 1.  Morning teas are out on the deck even while having to still wear a light coat.

The Dragons blood Sedum added last fall is looking great against the light green and blue of the Forget me not just starting to bloom.

Ornamental grass really doesn't add much to the garden this time of year but everything has it time and place as the show goes on.

I love the dramatic blue with the grey rock back drop and then out pops these incredible tulips!. Soon the early dwarf Iris will bloom adding to the effect.

Here's the Iris along the walkway just a few days later with the one purple Iris that is in there..."Just because". 

Do you put things in your beds that might entice your guests to ask "Why"... or just to give yourself a smile.

I best get out there and weed..... 
Thanks for walking my garden.
See you next time.