Wednesday, May 28, 2014

May 8th...just a little late!

 Tulip time in Holland Michigan is a festival.. not just a time when the Tulips are blooming. Its a time to celebrate everything that the people of Holland are rightfully proud about their Heritage. The Tulips of course are the huge attraction.
 As the festival began even the early blooming Tulips were scarcely open. However as the week went on with increasingly wonderful weather the rest were quick to catch up.
 In the Mermaids garden everything sprang to life with the warmth of the sun. Im pleased to say that the diligent weeding of last year has minimized the spring weeds. Although I should knock on wood because it doesn't take them long to get out of hand.
 The start of something sneaking up inbetween the vibrant red and blues....
 Some of the dwarf Iris have made their way over in to this planting and again I love the work that mother nature does...
 After the long months of winter the colours seem particularly vibrant
 Although the grass is looking very green here I am worried because we do live on pure sand. There is a value broken on our irrigation system and so the irrigation has not been turned on yet. We have been getting pretty much nightly showers though so it isn't as great of a concern as it could get to be if the weather continues to heat up.
 Yes this is the first week of May.. Looking very empty and not at all that impressive... But, I wanted to show it to you so that in the next few posts you can see just how incredible the garden looks with just another two weeks of rain, sun and lots and lots of weeding...
 This bed actually has a lot of colour in it early spring. Im very pleased that my first Magnolia has survived and went on to be very showy for a few weeks.
No I didn't plan this.. I obviously planted the red ones and then forgot they were planted there when I planted the others. It didn't help that these were Tulips bought two springs ago from the Tulip time organizers... They had been the "belle of the ball" or in their case the Tulip time parade. It was the year of "stem fest" and the City of Holland bought a lot of tulips in buckets to decorate the town and its floats.
 The Fairies stairs seem to of been brushed off lately some I think they may be awake from their winter nap too!
Well thats all from the Mermaid for the week of May 1 - 8th.. 
we will have to fast forward a few posts to catch up with what is blooming now in the garden..
Boy just wait and see what three years of growth can do for a garden..

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