Saturday, October 6, 2012

New arrivals

I came home to find these three boxes waiting for me. I might actually of jumped up and down with glee I was so excited!.  These are the plants that I hurriedly sent off for the night we actually signed the paperwork closing on our acreage. These plants will go in the area I posted about called "Just get er done"!. 

Inside each big box were these boxes.. If you look closely you will see the notches that get pushed in and actually hold the pot you see so that it can not slip back and forth etc if the shippers handle the boxes roughly...NOooooo they wouldn't do that now would they!...hmmmm   Anyways, then around each pot as you see is a plastic bag that is rubber band in place so that the plants don't lose their soil or moisture in shipping either!.. I have to say I was extremely impressed by all this.

So this is it..
Sedum 'Cherry Tart' x6
Sedum Voodoo x6
Caryoteris Grand Bleu x6
Buddleia Royal Red x6
Buddleia Bicolur x6
Buddleia Ellen's Blue x6

There was some sale on and that is why all the "6's"

I also got Thuja Green Giant - 1 gallon's
These are for the new fire pit hillside... another project I'm "mentally" working on..

These are two Mimosa tree saplings that were dropped off by one of Bear's co-workers after he saw my garden... He decided I could take care of them!  I haven't figured out where to put them just yet so they might have to play hopscotch next spring.

I got home on Wednesday and this box of bulbs had arrived..
In here  there were 60 mixed Asiatic lilies.  180 Crocus.
60 tulips.. I worked early Thursday and was able to get home in 80 degree weather to get them in. Well, it was actually 80 degrees at noon and by 5:30 the weather had cooled significantly and clouded over with a rain shower that left me chilled by the time I finally got them all in.
Don't forget that I have already put in over 300 tulips! Remembering where I put them was a challenge but I only dug up two tulip bulbs.  This time I took the vermiculite they were packed in and sprinkled just a bit to see where I had been. I could stand back and look at what is planted where and where I needed to add some colour. Hopefully next year it will look the way I see it in my head. If not, I will just adjust.

By the way....Happy Thanksgiving to all the Canadian Bloggers out there!

I will leave you with this saying that seems so perfect for this post...

Gardening is a way of showing you believe in tomorrow! -unknown.