Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ode to the Frogs of Frog Hollow

I'm sure that every blogger out there has a reason WHY they picked the name they did for their blogs...  Some are obvious as Karen's from Quarry garden stain glass.... But, how about Tootsie from Tootsie time?  Is Tootsie her nick name?..... I had a few to chose from...Some of my choices were taken. Then I bought the Mermaid figurine and I had referred to my family and friends that the garden was like a "Frog Hollow"  with all the various species of frogs and the wonderful sounds they make especially in the spring time courting season.... Bear is not as enamoured with the sounds they make... I like to sleep with the window open for the fresh air and apparently the one particular baritone "rumpt" that the big bull frog makes tends to disturb him. This amuses me as I really didn't think that the sky falling could disturb his sleep!

Here's some of the species I have been able to capture in pictures...

This by far is my favorite photos so far... I've witnessed the frogs sitting patiently by the pond just waiting for a butterfly to land on the phlox... they literally can jump over 2 feet in the air and are very successful at getting the butterfly's! Its nature... But, when I watched them do the same thing and try to get one of the baby hummingbirds...I wasn't so amused... I do love the hummingbirds. I went out and cut down the Phlox that was blooming immediately by the pond. I won't bother next year as the frogs just went to where the blooms are such as this sneaky little guy now sitting up on a bloom of Sedum waiting....

At times I can go down and count at least  twenty frogs along the pond.

They are often sitting out along the rocks of the pond... this one is under his "umbrella".

If you look close you'll see a Tree frog... these little guys do what I call a "trilling" sound in the spring... they really kick up a racket. They also manage to appear in the weirdest places often causing me a moment of shock... this is one inside a planter stand... I pulled out the plant to repot and there he was... The first one I saw was inside the back door of Bears Escape...right where the door closes! How did he get there? Why didn't the closed door squeeze him?  Then one night when we were out on the deck watching the bats I went inside to get something and in the dark I went to open the door and felt something "squishy" under my hand on the door knob!  It freaked me. I turned on the light expecting to see a"bat" only to find a tree frog sitting up on the door knob! I had brought in sheets off the clothes line earlier and thought as I made the bed I felt something fall on my foot. I thought it was a clothes peg or something yet couldn't find it when I looked.  Guess I know what it was now.  I'm much more careful to shake things out when I take them off the line now.

This frog was sitting on the deck the afternoon we went to stand and get married by the pond... Our friends all quickly said that it was "good luck".

Some are intense green, some sage green and some are black!
At any rate this is why I named my Blog  as I have.
Hopefully in the future I will get a better picture of the tree frogs. Seriously though, I see them and then they are gone before I can get my camera. I will be try again next spring. They seem to be off somewhere keeping warm as our weather has cooled off this past couple weeks. I think it was over at Perennial Passions that a past post was done about her run ins with a tree frog that just won't be moved! Perhaps if your curious you could check that out.
I wonder what the Mermaid will do to keep warm!
Thanks for stopping by. Please come again.