Friday, October 5, 2012

Bettys garden

Instead of sharing the same flowers from my garden.... and other then water lilies blooming again! My garden is still looking the same except for all the leaves making it look like a box of jewels!  Truely stunning... But anyways. I thought I would link this post in of my friend Betty's garden to fertilizer friday over at Tootsie Time.

Enjoy your walk

I met the owner of this garden back in 2003. I took a painting on silk course from her at the Olds College. It was a time in my life when things were extremely rough and I was going through a lot of pain. Something "pushed" me to go and take this class because up to that point I won't of said I had any artistic talent. It was amazing what I managed to creative with her help and I thoroughly enjoyed this amazing womans talent and love for life. We stayed in contact for the next three years through emails and further courses during the summer months...

Eight years later she became my mother in law. I finally got to go and see her home in August.
Here is her garden and a small sample of this amazing womans talents.
Sitting at her kitchen sink drinking tea the first morning I looked out the window to see this for the view. Wouldn't you love to have this greet you every morning. This view changes with the seasons and is equally beautiful.

The Inspiration of this statue comes from a series of statues along the Malacon in Peurta V. Mexico. I was privileged to go there three years for spring vacations with her. We would stroll along the walk which follows the beach into the town. Look for whales which often breach just off shore.We'd enjoy a lunch at our favorite sea side bistro and then wander around through the various art galleries. This was one of  her favorites. She has created this statue putting her own twist into its back drop and "Melody" as she is called is stunning in her garden.

There is a lot of texture in this garden and plenty to see around every corner with more statues and stain glass stones with fairies dancing on them for her grandchildren to enjoy.

This garden is a little haven at the back of her house.  A deck to sit on and enjoy her family when they are able to come over for meals. I was treated to one of those occasions. A really memorable meal.
 This is actually along the side of the house looking out the same window where you see the statue.
Everywhere you look you will spy something else that draws you in. Colours, textures and sculptures.

A pond with water fall makes a pleasant view from the deck with her own "Heron".

She has her own pixie sitting on a mosaic bench that she made.. she likes to tell of her grand children coming and sitting beside him.

As you pull into this drive way this is what you see. Another statue gained from inspiration she got from a butterfly necklace and earrings she bought in P.V. also.

Both statues are back lit at night and truly stunning...
Id love to create something similar for my own garden
Lucky for me I know a lady who not only encourages me to be creative but can give me instruction on how to go about creating such a work of art.

I will leave you with this favorite quote of mine
"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go"
T.S. Eliot

Thanks and come again.