Thursday, October 11, 2012

Autumn Colours Oct 12

 Here it is October 12th. Thanksgiving in Canada has past..traditionally I'd be used to next to nothing left in the flower beds and often very little leaves...What leaves there might still be would be mud brown or if very lucky a dull yellow. I have just enjoyed this first Autumn so much. Every day I am treated with such glorious colour!  Not just from my flowers, but also from the leaves of the hostas turning this amazing yellow. The Burning bush is totally a blaze. My fall Asters have really burst into blooms instead of the one or two lonesome blooms in the past weeks.

Just look at this!  I have mounds and mounds of them in several different beds.

This white mum is awesome. It grew from a 4 inch pot I put in this summer.

I'm liking the purple Fall Asters behind this wave of yellow Mum's contrasting with the chunky variegated leaves of the Hosta species undetermined as yet!

Its not just the flowers though... Look at all the contrasting colour in the tree belt surrounding my garden.. Every where you look there is more beauty to make you pause and be grateful and thankful.

This is the border where I would love to put in some Rhododendrons and Azaleas..
for spring time colour... But right now just look... Oh! Last Sunday 10 Turkeys actually came walking out of these trees.... Monday was Thanksgiving in Canada... Guess the Turkeys didn't see the flag!

The Dogwood in the spring is a blaze of white blooms bringing life early to this garden and giving me a wonderful second treat with the bright red leaves.

This Hydrangea is actually not in my garden... Its outside my office window. But, I do get to enjoy looking at it every day. I don't think I've ever seen one such an intense red...Anyone have any ideas what species it could be?
I'm wondering if I asked my broker if he would let me take a cutting..

This is just a taste of the colour I see as I drive to work.
The colour got more intense for a few days after this picture was taken...But, with the rain and then the stronger winds of the past couple nights a few of the trees that were further along with the Autumn colouring have started to shed their leaves creating a blanket of insulating warmth for whatever might be laying underneath... I'm wondering how much the worms will get to work on all this before they too go into their worm balls deep beneath the soil. Everything is just so different here from a gardening stand point.. Its truly fascinating

This tree is interestingly changing more on the one side then the other.. I meant to stop and get another picture today (Thursday) as the one side was just a blaze of colour... I will try to capture it for next week.
What plans do you have for this weekend?  I got 20 yards of mulch delivered and was planning on getting it spread over the weekend. We will see how well I do as I was actually rear ended on Monday and still feeling the effects!
So, Whatever you do this weekend.... Make it Awesome.