Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Chipmunks at Frog Hollow

I looked out my window and saw a chipmunk climb into this bird feeder... Now picture this crazy women running down from her loft bedroom stairs trying to put on her bra at the same time and grabbing her camera to try to capture this little guys antics for you!.... Thats either dedication....oh well I will let you decide!
I once saw a chipmunk actually hanging from the V of this hanger.... He had stopped in motion as I approached thinking I wouldn't see him. Unfortunately I did not have my camera. I didn't even know at first what I was seeing. Just that something was "stuck" on the feeder and I was going to remove it. I missed that opportunity so today I diligently grabbed my camera and ran out to get some shots.

Now there isn't just ONE of these little critters... I sat there while one would fill his cheek pouches and take off in whatever direction...and then the next would come in climb up the pole and do the same.

Now seriously, I think that if Im feeding them. The least that they could do is "pose" and let me get some great photos...

Apparently that is not how they see it!... I was using my zoom crounching behind my roses and the new Yews... when I thought I smelt something rather unpleasant... I wondered if it was where Binx my dog has decided to urinate.... I've never grown Yews before.... Im thinking that it is actually them that smell!. GREAT... I just planted them along the walkway to my poarch... hmmmm

Im crouching down and trying to edge closer like some kind of ninja... I even went and crawled in behnd the Blue Globe spruce to get away from the smell of the Yew. Ooops.. he saw me and took off.
I sat there for a while.... waiting.... waiting.... felt something crawl onto my barefoot...  a wasp sat on my bare arm... I still stayed perfectly still...... (theres a note at the end of this post about that same Blue Globe spruce and those pesky wasps!)

A chipmunk came and literally crawled up this light post... spied me and jumped into the Sedum and ran away... Then a chattering noise started... I waited and waited...... finally....
the cheeky thing was sitting over on the deck looking and watching me and obviously he put out the alarm to his fellow friends.... "sneaky crouching lady thinks she is hidden behind the Blue Globe spruce"... and not a single one came back out... it had started to drizzle so I called it a day!

This is the best close up I got... at least he is looking up and you can tell his pouches are full!

This was one of the shots I got a couple weeks ago....

I think this is great how they "share'

On Saturday I was pulling out Sedum from the rock wall behind the Blue Globe spruce and a swarm of wasps boiled up out of the rocks. I was stung ONCE on the knuckle of my ring figure which instantly swelled up. Thankfully I thought to pull off my ring as my hand was twice its normal size with in a hour. I had absolutely no lines or knuckles left it was so swollen and couldn't bend my fingers. Extremely itchy and it felt like my skin was splitting. The swelling actually went up my wrist and pain into my elbow by Monday. Wednesday I was seeing the swelling going down and today it seems back to normal. Im thinking it might be a good idea to talk to a doctor about this reaction.

Thank you for stopping by my garden and sharing the antics of our chipmunks.
Please do come again.