Sunday, November 24, 2013

Mermaids Manic Monday Things Im Thankful for...

Its Mermaids Manic Monday..... Time to share what ever you have to share. I'm really not feeling very Manic at all this Monday. Although considering that this week is only a three day week I'm sure that as the week marches on and I'm scurrying to get things done it might just turn more manic.

The weekend was suppose to include an outing with Bear to Grand Rapids for the Beer, Wine and Food festival only it turned cold after raining all Friday morning and covering the roads in a sheet of ice for Saturday morning followed by wet huge flakes of snow. A recipe for nastiness.  So, instead it was light the fire, make a big pot of Thai curry chicken soup and stay indoors quilting. While I quilted I also put movies on my computer.  I'm able to look out over garden through two windows in my sewing room. The birds at the feeders were very thankful I had filled it up before the storm and it made me start to reflect about this Mondays post..

 What am I Thankful for....  

 I am very thankful for a roof over my head!
 Im thankful for hot water!
 Im very thankful for my girls and how well they have grown up and are living their lives.
 Im thankful for my health. 
 Im also thankful for the blogging community and the friends that it has brought into my life 
 Im thankful for having welcomed God into my life and for the calmness and acceptance that that has brought into my life.
Im extremely thankful to live in a country that allows me to have the freedoms I do and especially the choice of religion. (So far!) 

Thursday is American Thanksgiving... As I prepare our meal I will be extremely thankful for the food that will be on our table and the friends we will share it with. I will also stop and think of the family's that have loved ones unable to travel home or who are abroad serving their country. 

Im sharing a picture of a couple quilting projects I've worked on this weekend... One being the start of a new Christmas hanging... The star block is one of many to complete a quilt top called Cooperstown. I'll share the progress as it happens..