Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wet, Wild Wednesday

The rains arrived yesterday around 3pm... I had just finished several hours helping clients with scraping and repainting to meet financial requests. I woke up this morning hoping that the paint actually had dried enough that it isn't all streaky and we have to start all over again when it drys.... if it drys! Oh my gosh are we ever getting a lot of rain now. Around 6pm last night I found myself comparing the weather to what would normally hit Northern British Columbia in the first half of September.. We always called it mushroom rain because it brought the shaggy main mushrooms... not sure its how its actually spelled but its how it was pronounced. I would collect them wearing rubber boats and a rain coat with my mom. We would still manage to get soaked. But, it was quality time that I have fond memories of. Also, the time spent cleaning and prepping the mushrooms to be canned in a pickling brine. Absolutely delicious. Then I shook myself out of the day dreams realizing that we are in the first week of November so hardly mushroom time. Imagine my surprise and delight when driving home for lunch I spied this out crop of mushrooms absolutely covering the berm of a local business. I turned around and like a good little blogger jumped out of the car without an umbrella because the winds are too strong right now and braved the weather to snap a couple pictures with my Iphone. I did not pick any as I was on the way to another client appointment. However, if there are fresh new ones tomorrow Im going to take the time to pick as many as I can and can them for our Friday night appetizer plates.
Do you have any memories of growing up and harvesting, canning, cooking or baking that you'd like to share. We would all love to hear it. especially if it comes with a great recipe.

Its a great day to be sitting by a fireplace reading or writing a book. Perhaps a hot chocolate or chia latte.
Have a great day... Stay dry and warm.