Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hollands Ice Sculptures

In December downtown Holland held an Ice Sculpture contest. It was barely freezing that day so a great time to wonder around and enjoy the event. Since the sidewalks are actually heated to prevent ice and snow build up....the sculptures were melting right in front of our eyes.

The main street is a one way street and was blocked off to traffic making it safe for family's to wander and enjoy.

Each sculpture had a code that you could "text" in to vote for your favorite.

Fish of all species were everywhere.

The smaller or finer detail of the sculptures started to melt faster as shown here.

The designer carved these the night before. The had to be with in weight and size restrictions and
then carried from where they were sculpted to be set in front of the various stores. This
competition was for designing ice sculptures that would be displayed at weddings etc.

Which would you have voted for?

I'm sorry I have not posted for a couple months...time has really slipped away on me what
with all the other things going on. Thank you to all the people who have emailed wondering
where I've been. Its nice to know you've been missed.

I'm back now.....