Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April showers bring......

The Crocus continue to please me popping up in waves of colour through out different beds.

I even found a couple tucked in under big leaves of Bergenia cordifolia and I moved a "Toad house" to get a better look only to find three more happily growing inside the Toad house..

This wine coloured Hellebore brightens up an area under a tree. I pulled some of the older leaves
that got hit by an earlier hard freeze. the blooms are numerous.

White Hellebore on the dark mulch really pop out. 

This is Heuchera  Caramel planted around the base of a big tree to lighten and contrast with the dark green of the Hellabore and the leaves of the Ligularia when it grows.
Although the Heuchera  Caramel  isn't flowering it really isn't planted for its flowers much as a lot
of the newer species of Heuchera which are loved for their vibrant foliage colours adding interest 
for at least three seasons..

These are existing Pansy's.. I have yet to get out and plant the new flats in..
I did uncover some little Viola's and thought I took a picture of them... I will for next week!
I hope to be able to get out and transplant the Pansy's this weekend. Then the garden will
have a lot more colour to it. 
Daffodils continue to grow daily by  leaps and bounds and with the current life giving rains we have
been getting positively charged from the thunder and lightening then with luck they will start to open in the next week as the weather is once again suppose to get up well over 50.
I found my first daffodil opening. Happiness floods my whole being as I know it won't be long before the
frogs will return to Frog Hollow and the Mermaid will once again come out to play..
These are real wicker chairs that also came with a table. A client I sold a house to didn't want them and so sold them to me for $50.00. I've painted the one on the left with a coat of paint. I think they are cleaning
up very nicely. The table has a removable tray. I can't wait to share with you what I have planned for it!.
Its a wet windy Wednesday here. But this time of year the rain is far more welcomed then snow! 
I swear I can see the grass greening up and the perennials pushing and unfurling up through the mulch. Stretching and yawning as they push their first leaves up.  I love this time of year walking around and seeing what has survived. I did add a lot of plant material and then did some late year dividing and transplanting. Moving plants around to create what I hope will be far more pleasing waves of colour, contrast, form, and repetition with a lot of my own personal design style thrown in. It doesn't mean it will be any more "right" then the previous owner before me.. It will be just a lot more  "ME"... 
What projects are you tackling lately?. Are you changing up your beds?. Adding a new colour theme? 
Perhaps like me you are looking at your long list of "I want too" and wondering which one to start with.
I'm taking the approach of "Eat the Elephant one bite at a time"....
What gets done will get done... It is after all, all for my enjoyment so I'm just relaxing and not stressing and 
enjoying every hour I get to play and learn in my own garden. If it doesn't turn out the way I've pictured it then I will just tweak it till it all fits together.
Thanks for stopping by and walking my garden. Let me know you've been.  I welcome all comments, suggestions and even corrections!
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