Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Xel Ha Mexico 2013

One of our days was spent at Xel Ha.. a peaceful float down a very slow moving river looking at parrot fish swimming below us, snorkeling and then eating at this wonderful Catina. The upstairs level where we would of had the most spectacular view over the bay was actually closed but when I asked if I could go up and take pictures they did let me. This is what I found waiting for me upstairs! Not sure I have a place for him in my garden  (after all he might not get along with the mermaid or the frogs!)  but I do think that I could use the inspiration to create something along the same line as the ones following

These pieces of driftwood art work sat on top of all the buffet areas. I'm sure I haven't been the only person going around and taking pictures rather then eating! I have been inspired though!  Just where oh where do I find the driftwood? Back at Fran├žois Lake B.C. where I grew up driftwood was easy to come by. I once even had a stall along the road selling it one summer as a teenager!

I love the soothing shade of blue echoed in the glassware. and the silver ribbons of reed like grass.

Here's a shot that shows the silver grass like closer up for those of you who have been inspired as well.

I'm not sure what Bear was thinking as I went around snapping pictures. The Mexican people were watching me though.

Even these little fish made out of rocks and driftwood caught my eye as keeping fish in our pond seems to be impossible! I'm looking for fish that won't disappear in the middle of the night.

A Sailfish. It would of been awesome to actually go out deep sea fishing but it just did not happen for us this trip.
Now as you know while in Mexico I came down with a horrible head cold so I did not get to go snorkeling with the Bear. I did however find a plant nursery to wander through while he was snorkeling.

This nursery was open for anyone who wanted to find a shady place of peace and tranquility away from all the other park users. The plants themselves were not exactly thrilling as they are started and used as replacement plants throughout the park.

 It was at least a little bit of salve for my soul since I knew what a wonderful time Bear was having snorkeling with all the beautiful colorful fish. I wished I would of had a book with me that I might of sat by a water fountain and just read the afternoon away.

I did find this sign though which answered some questions I had after going to Tulum. There was a tree that was covered in these prehistoric looking spikes! I marveled at the trees defense mechanisms. I'm sure that animals that otherwise would scratch on the truck or try to rub antlers etc would certainly think twice with these sticking out for about five feet up the tree!

I thought the little bit they tell us about the tree was interesting. I hope you enjoy.

The weather here in Holland Michigan is certainly giving hope that Spring has arrived!
The sun is shining by this time last year we had at least 20 days of over 60 degree weather... This year we have yet to reach 60 once! I guess that the Tulip festival will have far more Tulips to be seen which is a good thing for the tourism as last year it was a stem fest!

I hope all my fellow gardeners are finding that they are unfurling and stretching and coming alive with the return of Spring! I look forward to blogging about gardening and reading all of yours. Please excuse the long period of silence. I have been using the time to draw and strategically plan my garden. I've also been incredibly busy with selling Real estate here in Holland. Things are certainly looking far more prosperous for us!