Thursday, April 11, 2013

Oooops! Please accept these flowers as my apology....


So for several posts as some of you know I could not get the photos to enlarge other then the first one. Last night I went in through Google rather then Explorer and it dawned on me just by chance that the photos were all enlarging! I then spent considerable time going back and enlarging all the past post photos...Say that five times fast!. I also realized at that time that the post "Tulum" had never actually posted although I did have it scheduled.....  I rescheduled it... it still didn't go!. I've finally gotten it to publish. Then I noticed that the Ice Sculpture post resent... I could give you a whole list of why these things happen to me but they will only sound like excuses. Instead I will share my latest creative endeavor... I took part in a floral display workshop this morning put on by the Holland Garden Club.  A very well spent $10.00 as that was the workshop and all supplies.
I am trying to smile and think myself lucky that we haven't as yet had all the ice and snow that others have face the past few days. However when one even remembers their umbrella and still ends up absolutely soaking wet from the near horizontal rains that all pelting down outside...It takes effort to remember that the rain is a "life giving blessing"...  Then I read Glenda's post from Edmonton Alberta where she states she still has 3 feet of snow.. a shiver runs over me not from the damp clothes and I smile and feel "lucky".

Hopefully I have fixed the "glitches" and I will have this working right for the future with nice enlarged photos that one can actually see!

Stay warm for those of you with snow... Stay dry for those of us with the rain...Sunshine is coming..It is!
I know it is.........