Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tulum Mexico 2013

One of the day trips we took was a day to Tulum for half a day and then the other half was over to the
Xel Ha park. When I came through these ruins 10 years ago the guides were amazing with all the information that they gave us about the ruins and what each of the buildings were thought to be used for. Our guide this time was far more interested in trying to get us to buy a parchment paper which I'm sure was from some relative!

Even though there was a lack of guidance from our guide.... I remembered some of the buildings from before and was able to pass on the history that I did remember to Bear.

One of the things I did notice was the vast difference in the vegetation around the ruins. It seemed to me that the jungle was certainly growing in around the ruins.

It was a mild day so the iguana's were not out in the freakish numbers as they were ten years ago either! I remember thinking it was a bit like an Alfred Hitchcock movie back then!

A view of the beautiful beach and the gorgeous water. We didn't swim as we knew we were headed for Xel Ha and it wasn't hot enough to need a dip to cool down. However, I'm sure that on a much normal hotter day that that water would of been wonderfully refreshing.

Here is the shot of the spikes growing up the tree. It reminded me at the time of something perhaps would of been used as a trap in a Harrison Ford movie like Raiders of the Lost Ark!

While the guide was busy trying to talk all the tourists into buying a parchment from his cousin I was off looking at the flowers and snapping pictures... I also forgot to look where I was standing and had a swarm of black ants run up my leg which started to bite and it burned far worse then I remember ant bites feeling ever. The bites then grow into red welts adding to the already attractiveness of the head cold!

These men are some 20 feet in the air and that top is spinning! It was a neat sight to see and had I had my wits about me instead of trying hard not to scratch the ant bites I would of thought to of taken a video of this for you.
I guess this means you will have to go and see the Mayan for yourselves.
Thanks for dropping by and visiting my blog. Again I promise to start blogging about
gardening and plants again soon.. things are coming up and some things are even starting to bloom!
more on that in the next day or two.
I hope all of you had a meaningful Easter and are enjoying Spring break.