Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April Fools day

April 1st and the joke was certainly on us! We had 58 degree weather for Saturday and 55 on Sunday. Monday saw the temperatures down to 36 degrees yet again!. The snow has for the most part other then the in the shadow of the trees melted and the perennials are all pushing up through the new mulch. I was feeling blue what with the cool temperatures so stopped into one of my favorite garden centers to see what they have been up to and as always I've come away with a little  "colour".
I have only a couple Pansy's in my garden and as I find their faces a delight to look at I am adding more. To limit myself to only on tray would of taken another half hour so I bought three!. I'm sure that I will find plenty of places to add them through out Frog Hollow.

Daffodils pushed up about a week ago when the snow was barely off their heads. What hardy little wonders they are. I had meant to get out and try to divide them as Francis over in Fairy Garden posted but time is something that has been very short around here! Plus, what time I did get in the garden was spent cutting down the mammoth ornamental grasses and weeding.. YES! the weeds are growing. 

The start of the Crocus that was planted last fall. A very welcome spring delight for our garden.
I can't wait to see all the various bulbs emerging and surprising me throughout the season.
I promise to show the Hellebore's next time along with the rest of the beauties that awaken and
enchant me. Drawing me into the garden and diverting my attention from the office work I really must get back too!.
What wonders are bringing the child out in you this week. What is blooming in your garden on this April fools day.  I must really check and see what Tootsie is up too! Has she started her Friday link up for Fertilizer Fridays.. I really have been out of it and head deep into my work. Although its been great for work it alas means that all the reading I had hoped to do and all the various garden craft projects have yet to be done. But with the return of Spring I feel my energy level also increasing and perhaps my projects will start getting checked off  my "I want too" list.
I did discover Pinterest over the winter. Its a very quick way to spend five minutes of down time. Its increase my list of ideas for garden projects though. Are you on Pinterest? If send me a message and let me know you were in my garden and I will check out your boards.

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