Sunday, May 12, 2013

Tulip time Holland Michigan

Happy Mothers day....
I thought I would share with you some of the photos from the past week here in Holland.
For the past 10 days or so its been Holland Michigan's Tulip time. People come from all over the world to enjoy this festival.  Its been a great year this year with the tulips starting to bloom only a couple days before everyone started to arriving with more and more opening up and begging for attention.

There are miles and miles of tulips planted all over the town. They line both sides of the streets in all colours and types.

This is out at Veldeer Tulip farm. Fields of every tulip there is.

I thought I would attempt a video. 

Arn't these beautiful and so very different from any I already have planted at home.

I thought that perhaps some of these on the North east side which is where I have a lot of  "pinks" blooming throughout the year.

These photos some how lose there focus when enlarged... These whites were actually "fringed" and looked quite interesting.

Here's a bed showing the signs that help you identify them.

Bi-colored tulip... 

Here's the Interact club of Holland New Tech.. Holland Rotary's first ever Interact club.
We are taking part in the Saturday Tulip Time parade. It rained. It hailed and the wind blew cold for the full two hours! We blew bubbles and sang and danced. 
We meet every Tuesday. These are 14 to 18 year old's who give up their lunch to plan what next to do to help out throughout their community.  We've done several community projects around Holland through out this past year. Its been a real privileged to work with this great bunch of teens. There are actually over 20 in the club. A lot of the members were in bands, marching with athletic groups and also doing the Dutch dancing.We are hoping to raise money and then actually go with either another Interact club or with the Holland Rotary club to Honduras or the Dominican Republic to install them. To raise money for water filters is a wonderful thing. But, to actually go and install them will be life changing for these members. 
So from Holland Michigan and the end of another Tulip Time...
I wish all of you a very wonderful Mothers day...

Im now linking this with May Gardens Bloom day to share Holland Michigans Tulips with the rest of you..... Enjoy!