Monday, May 27, 2013

Rhododendren 's on Memorial day.

Enjoy a walk around my garden looking at the Rhododendrons on this Memorial Day weekend.

Its amazing what a few days of 90 degree weather followed with rain off and on for two days will do for a garden. The Rhododendrons are bedazzling jewels against all the different greens of other perennials waiting patiently for their turn to be the lead act in this summer play.

I braved the squads of mosquitoes attacking in strike forces not once but twice trying to get photos I could use in between the on going waves of rain.

This white Rhododendron is a huge ball of white blossoms. Quite beautiful.

This small orange one was bought last year. Orange is one of my favorite colours and I love how it really "pops" in this bed newly mulched.

This shrub will only get bigger and more spectacular with each passing years growth. Planted in front of it is a huge clump of Siberian Iris purple/blue colour that I think is going to look spectacular. They are actually just about to bloom. Im hoping that they bloom while this intense orange is still on show.

This one is opening slower and actually looked more purple then it turned out. Its a goal of mine to find some of the purple ones I saw last year in the garden of John Migas. I have a vision of creating a Rhododendren walk like I blogged about in his garden. With all the spruce having to be limbed up around here its created a great place to plant them.

This plant is suffering. I did give it some special fertilizer but I'm wondering if it will be enough. Its like it has leprosy for plants!! It keeps dropping off bits and pieces of its outer branches..If you look at the yellowing in the leaves I would think it indicates a lack of nitrogen or something so I Im hoping that the fertilizer will help!... I love the apricot tinge it has and the speckles which I remember my entomology teacher saying is plants way of acting like landing lights and directing bugs in so that they get their pollen collected etc.

Do you have favorite Rhododendrons...what colour or species are your favorites. What do you like to plant near them to contrast and show off their best features...
Thanks for stopping by and virtually visiting... I'm glad you aren't actually here to suffer the mosquitoes too but on a positive note...both the bats and the frogs will be enjoying them!
By the way.... anyone have any suggestions on how to stop the incredible itching I have all over my body!!!  I can not stop scratching!  Is anyone else out there finding this year a bad year for bugs?

I hope that your weekend was wonderful and that you took time today to think about how this freedom we have certainly did not come free... I hope you gave thanks for those who gave it all and for all those who gave.
Work has been crazy busy this week again as homes are really selling....Therefore, I have to cheat and link in with this post rather then a new one I had planned!
Have a great weekend everyone.

Tootsie's been busy too!