Sunday, August 25, 2013

Meeting Tootsie

Two years ago we had talked about meeting when Tootsie still lived in Red Deer and I lived out in Irricana.  Both of us were going through busy times and the meeting never seemed to happen. 
I had hoped to actually go and see Tootsie's garden and greenhouse in person but after chatting with her we both thought that meeting in the middle was a better idea. So off to Red Deer I went.
Where do two Canadians meet... Why at Tim Hortons of course. Then it was off to tour some of Glenda's favorite greenhouses before she moved.

 Meet Glenda A.K.A. Tootsie Time...
 A very nice gentleman offered to take a picture of the two of us.
 We wandered around the greenhouses and the lot outside looking at special finds discussing how we would use different items and which were our favorites.
 This would certainly of been going home with me if I could think of a way to get it in my suitcase.
 I wouldn't normally go for this colour scheme but I have to admit that I like the contrast in foliage and texture plus the blooms would never fade! 
I really loved this how could I make this into a mermaid in my pond? Any ideas...
Perfect size for my Butterfly garden....
I liked the look of these pots and remembered an idea on Pinterest where the black is actually a blackboard paint and then you can write what ever you want on the rim. Perhaps "Happy Birthday" or "Happy Anniversary", "Best Wishes" etc... 
We had a great time chatting and trading stories and ideas. But, time flew by fast and we both had to get back to family.
Thanks for the great day Glenda. I hope to return the hospitality one day.