Saturday, August 3, 2013

Thunder and lightening

After a long spell of over 90 degree weather a storm finally rolled in to give us some much needed moisture. I sat all huddled up in my big wicker chair with a tea cup in hand waiting and watching enjoying the drop in temperature and the freshness of the air. I managed to capture a couple shots that look like they should be featured at Halloween time. There actually were bats flying about until the thunder started and then they madly scrambled to their nesting boxes.
This flash was actually 15 miles away...
Sheet lightening flared and lit up the sky like a wave starting in the east and ending on the west side of the house.
The rain was much needed for the corn crops in the area. Farmers were out the past three days madly harvesting hay crops and getting the round bales tucked safely under cover. Great timing guys...
I will be sleeping with the windows open and enjoying the fresh clean air tonight.