Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Squash, pumpkins and runner beans.

I had an interesting email discussion with a fellow blogger this past week. During the conversation it brought to my mind the thought that as garden bloggers we are quick to communicate our successes but not always share in our failures... the design attempts that went dreadfully wrong.... the area in the garden that we just haven't had time to actually do any work in and its over ran with weeds and uglies! I wondered why that is? Perhaps we should share those more so that other's can learn from our attempts. It seems to me that when I turn on the news it is never about good and warm fuzzy feeling news items but always about troubles and pain!  Perhaps that is why we love to read our blogs so much. Because it does leave us with that feel good fuzzy feeling. A feeling of accomplishment even if it was someone else s achievement.
So here is my weekly attempt.....

This is our front walkway. its getting more over ran with pumpkin vines every day. They are scrambling over the potentilla and the Holly using them as supports. They were not purposely grown here. well actually they were shoved into the ground as seeds from the rotting pumpkins last fall! I did mean to transplant them. I just never did! Then it was far to late to do so.
Im hoping to get at least one of each of the pumpkins I bought last year. 

It isn't very big yet but as it does gain in weight it will need to be laid down on the ground as did the pumpkins over on the blue spruce in the butterfly garden.

Isn't this a beauty.. 

WOW! look what was hiding under the leaves... yeeeha

Summer squash in abundance now that vegetarian daughter number two has departed

Love the shape of this leaf

The runner beans are making great use of the ornamental grass for supports

tomatoes waiting to ripen.
Broccoli has come and gone. We will need to plant more of that next year. Red tomato's are in 
abundance. Beets growing great and I even have eggplants growing.
Have an awesome week in your garden. Im busy with clients closings and purchases before Friday as  Im off for the weekend to first Niagara falls and then to a PGA tour in Rochester. 
Please leave message so I know who's been in my garden. Help yourself to the summer squash and to the tomato s.