Sunday, August 11, 2013

Niagara Falls in bloom.....

 I'm on a road trip for four days with Bear. This started with a seed of an idea when he excitedly asked if I would go to a PGA tour with him.... I asked...What is that!... Does that give you an idea of my knowledge of golf or what!. Any how I quickly said yes because that is what couples do. Then I quickly added tongue in cheek "perhaps there will be some tourist things to see or a garden!" Rochester is the city of gardens after all.
So here we are on day one in Niagara falls. Another one of those bucket list items if I actually had a list. Note to self...Make a bucket list so you can actually have the satisfaction of realizing your achieving what you put on the list

So this is the Maid of the mist.... You can go pay and go out on it. Your looking at the part of the falls that is on the American side. They even have a viewing deck you pay and walk way out on so you can look back at the falls.
Here's a close up of the boat with all the "Blue men"....

Here it goes bravely into the mist...the boat looks as if it is all it can do to hold itself in the one spot against the powerful push of the falls. At one point it actually appeared as if the rainbow was on top of the boat but I missed the shot.

Heres a closer look at the Horseshoe falls on the Canadian side. It really isn't deep when you stand and look down through surprisingly clean water. I really can't imagine though what goes through the adventurous   minds of the people who have ventured over the falls in barrels and boats.

There are beautifully planted and cared for beds all along the walk along the top. Im not sure how fall we walked. But we sure did work up an appetite by the time we got back to the hotel.
Bear wasn't surprised at all when I started taking pictures of the plants.
Then we noticed a "Bloom house" on the off we trotted knowing full well it would be closed when we got up there but figuring there would be something worth looking at around the outside.
We were right!

The roses at the enterance have come and gone but a water feature with statues beckoned us in further
A set of three different poses
and then off the trails we went to discover further blooms
Well perhaps not so many blooms per say as contrast in colour and texture.

Since we are in Canada it is only fitting I leave you with this shot.
Its was a great first day. Dinner and music await. 
What did you discover this weekend.