Saturday, January 4, 2014

Bye bye birdie...

One of the many delights of living in Michigan is its abundance of different birds. I am constantly entertained by the antics of the birds when they come into feed. It also amazes me the amount of food that they do consume!. I remember on one of my first visits three winters ago meeting a man who was buying bird seed commenting that his wife complained about the cost of "feeding his friends". I now understand what he was saying but whole heartily agree that the enjoyment is far healthier then smoking or drinking and well worth the cost.

I use to have some life size Cardinals for decorations. My girls did not like them! On one of my moves they seem to of "disappeared" I'm not sure if it was the girls or Bear who brought on that "disappearance"
The Cardinals actually had nests and did successfully hatch out their eggs. These photos were obviously taken through out the summer. 

Some of the birds do share time at the feeders while some will wait patiently to fly in and eat on their own.

Most of them have actually gotten quite used to me walking around within feet of them and will even fly into the feeder while I'm standing five or six feet away.. I never make any attempt to walk in closer..

I have a few pairs of Morning doves which I love to hear being the morning person that I am. Bear however is just not a fan!

I was crouched down behind a Blue Globe Spruce... not too far away...unfortunately this picture is on my phone!
This little hummingbird was here well into late October...  and on this particularly wet and chilly day he just kept hanging out at the feeder. I could have six to eight hummingbirds hoovering to feed or chasing each other. I think I know where their nest is! I will watch it closer next year and perhaps even put out Bears Critter Cam.

I'm happy to say that they did fly off once the rain cleared and hopefully made the trip South safely. 

 The Cardinals really do look stunning beautiful out with the trees cloaked in snow.
 I tried to get a picture when there was 10 Cardinals and three Blue Jays sitting in this tree but it didn't turn out... Hopefully, they will give me another chance..
 I think this Blue Jay was scolding me for not only running out of suet and the raw peanuts in the shell but this feeder was empty too!... In all fairness they can empty this feeder in a couple days.
These Cardinals were happily waiting their turn in at the feeder...Blue Jays do not wait!... 
 I purposely scatter seeds under the near by trees and on the ground so that the birds can all come on in and eat. I figure the Blue Jays can't scare them away from every where at once. We use to have no less then 15 to 20 Blue Jays come in at once... I do not know what happened to them.. Perhaps some kind neighbour is still putting out the shelled peanuts for them.. At any rate having less Blue Jays has meant more of a variety of the smaller song birds especially in the summer.
 This Red Headed Wood Pecker came in and then was chased off by a Blue Jay... He found something else to start pecking at while he waited though...
Another winter storm warning is in effect here. The birds have been feeding all morning and with the winds kicking up have now disappeared.... Signaling the arrival of the storm. I think they are pretty good at weather predictions.
Each day I just tell myself we are one day closer to starting seedlings indoors.. Plus, there is a couple minutes of additional sunlight each day! For now I'm back off to the latest quilt I'm working on....
Thanks for stopping in... Hope you enjoyed the birds that call Frog Hollow their home.