Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Weather outside is frightful... working from home is delightful....

Its winter... so snow and blustery, slippery cold days are expected. When your appointments are cancelled one after one and you really have nothing that requires you physically going into the office. When you can work from home....Why wouldn't you?  I lit a fire in the fireplace... I cranked up the music.. I boiled the kettle... Turned on my laptop so I would be alerted to emails... I stayed in my PJ's and quilted! Im not ready to share what Im actually working on at the moment, so I thought I would share what I have already completed.
 Here's one of the three projects I have managed to complete in the past month. Its a quilt top that I had purchased the fabric for while still living back in Alberta. I had even prepared all the pieces and labelled them in little zip lock bags. I just had never felt comfortable enough to sit and quilt... Weather has kept me indoors and I have been more then willing to be at peace and calm enough to sit and quilt.
 This pattern is called Cooperstown. I had seen it made up and fell in love with it. 
 This is one of the main blocks... a Star within a Star. I choose to make it scrappy. Which means that all the stars would be different. 
One of the things I loved about this is not only the fact it is Stars.. but, that the Stars actually dribble down into the borders from the top left border to the right bottom border. You build the three rows of boarders around them. 
This picture shows the top left corner with the first inside row of triangles making up squares. 
This shows you the use of a lot of orange and purple throughout the quilt. I just felt it would brighten up our bedroom for the New Year. Its a Queen size quilt though so I won't be machine quilting it myself. I will need to find someone to do that for me.. Its one of the pains of moving.. All those trusted contacts such as chiropractors, dentists, quilters and mechanics are all gone!. You have to start over. 
What projects have you finished lately? Have you made yourself a "to do" list for 2014? A wish list?  
Its time to sit down and think about it.. get one made and inspire yourself.
Im off to shovel more snow and feed my birds.
Thanks for dropping in.