Friday, January 17, 2014

Cold. Crabbiness and Courthouse steps

Hows the weather where you are? Ours has been considerably colder then normal with a lot of snow and icy roads.
So to combat the cold I have been enjoying several workouts a week at hot Yoga... Its wonderful! Its like being in Mexico. Not to mention the increase in my strength, improved balance and amazing flexibility. I'm sleeping better at night plus I figure I'm getting daily facials with all that deep sweating going on.
They won't let me just hang out on a mat in the heated room however so I do go home and sit with my full spectrum light shining on me as I quilt.  My way of keeping the winter blues at bay.

 This block is called Court house stairs... I am not going to put the blocks together like this. I just wanted to show you the "scrappiness" of the blocks that I have finished so far.  I figure I will keep making the green blocks until I'm done using up all the scraps I had. then I will probably add in something else.

I've goggled to see some variations of what these blocks could create. Its quite amazing to see all the different options.. So, I'm thinking I might actually make some blocks using these reds... perhaps some with blue! 
If you have some ideas or thoughts to share... I'm willing to listen..
send me a message.. share a picture...  
Quilting is something that usually only happens in the winter months..Or on the odd rainy days...
I'm counting down the days till I'm getting dirt under my fingernails again..Seed catalogs are arriving weekly. The garden centers are showing signs of activity... I am optimistic....

Thanks for stopping in and letting me share the weekends creative results.