Friday, September 7, 2012

Fertilizer Fridays Sept 7th

This is my first time joining in with the group of bloggers linking up with Tootsie time for Fertilizer Friday... Sure hope I did it right!

 One of the planter boxes at our front steps.

I'm even starting to get ready for Thanksgiving... after all I'm used to celebrating it October 11th!

I placed the ornamental cabbage and petunias at the beginning of our walkway for all summer colour and interest. There were pansies in the spring and if you look close you'll see a wine coloured one hiding!


 Love the red stems of this sedum
 You'll notice that two pictures nicely resized for me... then they started jumping everywhere and
well... shoot!

This was a rose at Menards. They were 3 dollars and then you got a 2 dollar rebate!
I bought 5 or 6 different ones

This is one of my favorite Hostas... It has the most beautiful heady smell. Love to use this chartreuse green

Sedum and sage

My Rose of Sharon.. Not a very good picture of the flower.
It was very foggy this morning and I was rushing to get out the door to my first appts of many!

Blue Stokes Asters

You have got to be kidding.... now why are you blooming this time of year!

yellow mums... like I need more yellow in this garden! They very well may have to go!

I love this rose. It is very fragrant. Its bloomed all summer much to the previous owners dismay as they could never get it to bloom!

Oh look! Its one of several species of frogs we have here... He's sitting up on a bloom of sedum waiting to jump and get a butterfly from the phlox! I've seen it happen a few times this summer. They usually are on the ground though. This guy is getting sneaky!

Bright orange red nasturtiums. Wonder if I will be blessed with generations of them in the years to come.... I'm actually hoping so.

This is the Phlox where the frog is sitting in the sedum...
I actually cut the Phlox back about a month ago because one frog jumped up and got a baby hummer.
I know its nature... but, I want my hummers!

Portulacca.. I planted several amongst the sedums and hens and chicks through  out all
the rock wall. This is by the pond though where I particularly like white for the night time when we sit out listening to the frogs course and enjoy the bats!...

Nicandra ... seeds I was given from the ones at Reader Rock Garden in Calgary Alberta. If you are ever in the area the garden is one place you really shouldn't miss.

Day lilies still blooming..

the back rock wall with my new pride and joy.. isn't that ceder a beauty.
I first saw it at the Chicago Botanical gardens and promised myself if I
ever saw one I would get it. I have this view from my kitchen window

Okay... I need help with my photography skills... this is a white butterfly bush.
Its been blooming for weeks now. Usually I have lots and lots of Monarchs in my garden. But
this year everything was a good month to 6 weeks early.. horrendous drought... and my milk weeds have all bloomed and long grown huge seed pods.. Good for me to get new self seeders as usually the Monarchs will have a generation of caterpillars eating them all and then cocooning. It was quite neat to see last year! ( On one of the very few days I got to come and visit)

these are the roses from the "secret garden" are they not beautiful now you can see them instead of all the quack grass!

My favorite Hydrangea... I have four others that bloomed in September last year
and look like they will again this year!.

Here's my Jurassic grass I was talking about.. they stand like  twin towers at the entrance to the Secret garden.

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