Monday, September 3, 2012

Mid Summers Eve

This was taken June 20 2012...our first anniversary.

I found this water wheel  house... its suppose to be hooked up to the pond system but isn't as yet!.
I need to do some work on it over the winter to get it to work.

Being from Alberta Canada I design with contrasting foliage and plant structures for interest.

This railing over the summer got completely covered in morning glory vine both pinks and blues
I've also planted in some climbing roses and some hollyhocks for vertical interests.

It will be great next year to look back at these photos to see with the new placements what has worked and what hasn't! I feel gardens are very personal. We all have our favorites. The plants that make us smile! I also try to put plants in from other peoples gardens. That way a part of them is always with me. Its one of the things I hated about leaving Canada. My collection of plants salvaged from my mothers garden! Im happy that some of them will live on in the gardens of my friends.