Monday, September 24, 2012

Lets walk the Labyrinth

This is the Kincardine community Peace Garden... a meditative labyrinth. A design inspiration by small group of creative women in the town. They designed it and went to the municipality to ask to use this plot of land owned by Bruce powers. One of the local businesses where many are employed in this town..  Not only is it a labyrinth that you walk surrounded by the beauty of various perennials. Its also done in what are known as Chakra's. Each Chakra is represented by a colour and referrs to a zone of the body.  The garden is maintain completely by a hardy group of volunteers. There is no irrigation and during this incredibly hot and dry summer they have managed to keep it looking this good even at the end of August. Lets take a walk.
As you walk along you will pass each Chakra...

The Labyrinth leads to the center where the goddess Erene is waiting.
That isn't her head she is holding... It is the Earth.

At the beginning each Chakra there is now a stone with a fairy for each colour... something  that was added later to the design to interest the younger visitors.

They bring in crushed rundle rock and pack down the pathways.

A closer look at Erene.. Betty used a dress form she had to create the armature of the statue. It was then re-enforced with steal rods for its legs and sculpted with a glass tile at the top of the legs to represent the wind, air, and water... Unfortunately this garden has had its vandals too.. Some one shot out the glass tiles.

While I was there I saw various people from elderly in wheelchairs and groups of families with toddlers  as well as arm locked lovers. Everyone enjoys the peace and beauty that has been created here. You feel the tension release and the calmness wash over you as you walk the path inwards...and then again outwards...

delightful stones peak out from the foliage as you enter each colour

Even here care has been given to make sure that during the times that the blooms are spent there will be contrast in leaf colours, forms and textures.

At the end of the walk you head back up the hill... calmer and smiling.
If your there on a Saturday evening you can stand along the main street and watch for the pipe band come along... see all the children joining in behind dancing and playing.. all the children from 2 to 92 that is!  Its a great town to visit with a lot to see and enjoy.

Thanks for taking this walk with me... I hope you've enjoyed it.