Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Frederick Meijers Sculpture Gardens July 2012

One of the very first trips I made down to see what Holland Michigan was all about Bear actually took me to this garden. He's a smart man. He knew this was a serious plus! Of course the Chicago Botanical Garden is only 2.5 hours away too! The garden had a "Chihuly" exhibit with glass art placed among all the plants. I have pictures of that somewhere! They are either on my old PC or in my hard drive from when they scrubbed my laptop. There are several displays of Chihuly's work that permanently stay at the garden. One being the "Lena's garden".  I've been back several times through the last two years. I love the displays at Christmas time with all the trees from around the world and how they decorate all the different areas inside the glass. There is even a train that runs around over remarkable structured bridges and trellis work to mock ups of major city icon buildings. March is butterfly time! Who doesn't enjoy watching all the pretty coloured butterfly's flying around. I took my daughter Kayleigh and her boyfriend Jason there while they were here. It was right at the end of the butterfly exhibit but we still were able to enjoy some of the species that were still actively around in the big dome. I usually try to wear a bright orange or red coloured shirt to see if I can sit still long enough to have one or more land on me!
Like all gardens these ones change seasonally. The one constant is the large sculptures spread out all over accessed through different walking trails or riding the tram. I like to walk so that I can stop and really take in the sculptures or the surrounding areas. This is by no means all of the sculptures. If your in the area I recommend you drop by.

This is the first view from the parking lot.

This reminds me of the clay formations we would pull out of the lake back in BC Canada.

Pitcher plants and insect eating plants seem to fascinate the Bear.

This is Betty Conlin. Marc's mom. I knew Betty for  3 years before finally getting to meet Marc. I was relieved he didn't follow her in the height department!

These plants all so intrigue me.

Stag horn fern another plant that I love in the house. I think this would fit in well hanging on one of the big log support beams of our log house. 

These whimsical sculptures direct me down this path every time. There are two other paths  to choose. Yet, I seem to always go and say hi to them.

Now this picture is extremely misleading.. this horse is HUGE.. I can stand underneath that lifted hoof. At Christmas they usually put a big wreath of red around its neck. With all the white snow in the field it sure does stand out beautifully.

Now this is something that I am going to have a go at. This artists name is Debra Butterfield. She had a complete exhibit at the garden this spring with all kinds of horses made out of various different mediums.  Google her... Its pretty cool! Better yet, find her book.

This one just always makes me itch!

I've seen kids standing around giggling at this one.

Hhhhhmmmmmm okay.. yep! moving on....
beauty is defiantly in the eye of the beholder!

The first time I saw this I thought of Karen's pond over at Quarry Stain Glass Gardens.
Chihuly had great big glass domes floating around. The City of Calgary actually sent some similar domes with lights lit in them down the river about 2 summers past. I really wanted one! I guess people were allowed to actually take them home. Did you get one?

Now this is neat..

Ohhhh I know what this makes me think of...

The one thing I still haven't done is get the info book and actually read up about the sculptures... I really should so that I would understand them clearer. I just know what I like when I see it! What speaks to me.

what do you think of this one?

It doesn't show up very well here but they do have faces.  They are made up of letters. I will have to try to get better pictures on my next visit.

These are by the children's garden. This might be a good use for my bike that I haven't ridden in a couple years now!


Bear really wants a pool!... wonder if he would see the humor in it if I built him one of these?

Im thinking I need to have a go at something like this.

Im thinking of a special place I could put one in some lower branches of a tree...make it look
like hes just sitting there hanging out.

I love to go an pay way tooooo much for a drink just to be able to sit and stare up at these glass flowers of "Lena's garden". Its in the cafe. the pictures really do not show the true beauty.

fantastic colours.

The lady at the cafe told me they had just taken every single piece off the ceiling and washed them!.
I find washing my windows takes some serious motivation.. Can you imagine washing all of these.
no time for butter fingers!