Friday, September 14, 2012

Im late! Im late.......Fertilizer Friday

Im late....Im late! for a very very important date.... Seems to be my motto for the week! Phew... and I dont get to kick back tonight and celebrate Friday with the feeling of relief that the week is done....Oh no. I have four open houses tomorrow!   four!  who the heck do I think I am?  I also could of been out with the Rotarians doing a social on the Saugatuck dunes in dune buggies. Doesn't that sound fun? Yes I am a proud Rotarian. My husband however who was supose to come on this social with me is having laser surgery on his retina today. It isn't me going into surgery but my stomach is sure tied up in knots about it!  This entire week has been crammed with our first party at the house and getting it ready...All those things that the bear does not think are important when people are coming over, but are very important to me need to be done. Two very important meetings and clients all week!
A walk through my garden is exactually what I need to find that inner peace and calmness I need today.
So here we go......

For the most part it is all the same flowers blooming as last week...hopefully, I have gotten a few better pictures though.

this is again at the beginning of our walkway... several of Bears guest stopped and commented on this arrangement...Now, I know its working if his male friends stop to admire!

My roses. I just can't wait to see the new Chuhuly rose next summer.

The purple stemed sedum 'Maestro'

This is Sedum 'Neon glow'

My water lilies have bloomed for months and the frogs love to sit and gaze for hours....

My pink digitalis is blooming again... There will hopefully be a whole wave of them in the back next year as that is where I spent hours thinning out last Sunday.

This is the sedum 'Autumn joy' much less intense colour then the Neon.

more roses..  I'd love a purple rose. Any suggestions?

a much better shot of my perennial hibiscus... this plant is a woody perennial. Seems very prolific as there are several self seeders Im planning on moving around.

My beautiful rose of Sharon.

I have a lot of these in my garden but I cut them back as they are placed in areas where I want to plant the bulbs for spring.  I did mention that I was still in Alberta mode and therefore have probably gotten way to ambitious with my fall chores already!

diantus  greets you as you drive up the driveway.

Berginia cordifolia. Love the texture of these big waxy leaves that will only get better as the root ball matures.. some people use a common name of "pig squeak" because if you rub the leaves between your fingers .....they squeak!

More of my portulacca... I will be planting this again in the rock wall.

My favorite phlox.. it can get a much intenser blue depending on where its planted. By the water fall where it was also in part shade it was absolutely gorgeous

This canna I started from seed... Its bloomed and re-bloomed a lot this summer. I will be trying more next year..

My mermaid was either being shy for the party or she is feeling the chill of the night temps already... I actually went out and uncovered her top half!

This grass catches the light in beautiful ways..  its Pennisetum 'Karley rose"

absolutely have loved this combination of nasturiums and begonia with the fushia hanging behind. The Hummers give it a thumbs up too!  Also the hummingbird moth. Have you seen any of those delightful moths in your garden this year. It was a first for me.

I only know this grass as 'porcupine grass' because of its white markings up the blades. My mound of it is at least 5 x 5...

blue fescue which had its seed heads but I have pulled.. I have enough of it through out the garden

I think this is some form of a giant pampas grass... I just call it my twin towers as it stands guard to the entrance of my secret garden... there is also black eyed Susan in the right hand lower corner for those of you who think that ornamental grasses shouldn't be shown on fertilizer Friday...just wait till November .. they will still be there!

this grass absolutely glows in the low light of twilight and with rain on it, it sparkles like diamonds.

This is Arundo 'peppermint stick' in the spring before the 100 degree weather it was far more beautiful with its contrasting white and green variation.

"cousin it"as I affectionately refer to this morning glory keeps blooming and looking pretty.. although I could of removed the sprinkler!

This is a rose that got heavily defoliated by beetles ... its been fighting its way back.. its a climber and has put on some good growth.

This is my garden for Sept 14th..  I'm rushing to get out the door but looking forward to getting home this afternoon/ early evening and having my garden waiting to welcome me. the sound of the waterfall and the frogs accompanied by our ever visiting birds.

What ever you do this weekend
make it AWESOME.