Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Feeling prickly today?

a very pretty grouping of different cactus and a surprise for me this year...
close up of the individual bells that make up the whole effect.

variegated Cupids Dart in the moon garden adding to the "glow" in the late afternoon and on into the evening. especially if there is any moonlight at all.

although all three are quite prickly they do have different forms and shapes that they bring to the 
This photo was captured as I drove out of the yard with my Iphone so not as clear as I would like it!

I thought that the prickly pear cactus was just growing another row and then noticed it had colour!

I stopped and jumped out surprising daughter two's boyfriend to snap some picture on my Iphone as I have never seen this cactus bloom and didnt know how long the blooms would last.
three days later I got this beautiful flower smiling at me. There are several more buds yet to open so I will be enjoying this for a few more weeks...
shame the garden tour missed all this but then this garden is changing weekly. if not day by day.

Here's a clearer shot of the variegated sea holly 
I love it for its colour but also for cutting and taking into the house as a dried arrangement.

How about your gardens. what are your joys and your yuks of this summer?
Thanks for stopping by and mind how you step...the thorns from any of these plants are not fun to remove!