Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mixing a punch of munch with the other butterfly bunch!

I started a Butterfly garden in the Secret garden area.... then on top of that I decided to mix in some vegetables I wanted to grow because the soil in the Secret garden is by far the riches and best soil on the acreage.. Why not mix in something I can munch on while Im sitting in there surround by the tranquility of the setting and the beauty of the butterflys that will hopefully come to visit. It is also the area where I laid my dog Binx to rest under the shade of the oak tree. He would often follow me around the garden and sitting under there on a hot day was one of his favorite spots. 
Here's a view of our first attempt at raised beds... This is suppose to be the Bear's project but in all fairness my middle daughter and her Beau have been attending it for the past two months... They even bought a sweet red pepper plant and have named it Ernie! (Jason named it not my daughter...)

This is the same shot where in the spring the double daffs were lush and full. Last year I had Bell peppers growing here. I went for veggies though that the Bear isn't growing in his raised beds. ( can we call them his raised beds when he built the beds but then hasn't been home other then three days in over 7 weeks!)
This is a Japanese Long Aubergine (Eggplant)

In a nice little empty spot between the ornamental grasses I threw in some potatoes. After all I thought why waste the space and the contrast between the narrow blades of the grass and the potato's would contrast wonderfully. Potatoes are another veg that didn't make it into Bears "square foot" gardening beds.
I have weeded since I took this picture!... I actually have plans to make a walkway here. An idea of exactly how just "popped" into my head this morning.. I actually have already begun the first part of said "idea" so it will come to fruitation... more to come on that later.

In front of the sharp blue grass I put in a couple heritage tomatoes and some squash. There are also a few onions and 3 clumps of basil growing in this spot. This picture was taken July 1st... Boy has this area really grown...
two nice size summer squash were harvested last night leaving this one to grow.
These are actually yellow tomato's so although I said I would plant different veggies from the Bear... since mine are yellow I guess that is different. Three large ones were consumed last night before I thought to take a picture!

This ornamental grass gets to be a good seven feet tall so I decided to use it like the Native Americans did there corn. I've planted the "three sisters" using the grass as the corn then placed runner beans to grow up the grass stokes and potatoes at the base. It just happens to look great too! This picture was taken July 1st too... 
A close up of the beans using the grass as poles to climb.
The beans actually help to add nitrogen to the soil.

A great shot showing just how the beans are using the ornamental grass to grow up

This is the 5 strawberries we bought and a couple raspberries. I actually would like to put in a flagstone patio here just big enough for maybe two chairs and a small table as its in the Butterfly garden that I have put all these veggies in.  A young rabbit I think has been munching on the leaves of the strawberrys so I've now covered them with netting.
So I will check back later and either do additional post 
 Heres a shot of the squash July 14th... look how big the leaves are. I also have one watermelon growing in there too!

 Some of the perennials blooming in the butterfly garden. I'm thinking I need to rearrange the darker blue Delph to sit by the white daisy but I do like the softer blue against the blue spruce.... decisions decisions....
The carpet roses are brutal to clean in the spring with all the oak leaves that fall into the branches but so worth it with the continual blooms that are just so spectacular.
Most of the phlox I have cut back to delay the blooming until the next garden tour but in here I have left  it to  bloom so that the butterfly's have it to enjoy! I have this one and a soft pink and then also "Bright eyes" plus a blue and a White profusion which is in the Moon garden.
you can not quite see the butterfly garden from inside the front yard... you have to discover it.

This is a view of the crocosmia from the Butterfly garden side.

This was taken July 1st... So its now at least three times the size. Although I have to admit I haven't seen anything that remotely looks like a setting pumpkin on these three plants. .

My middle daughters herb box...I had planted nastursums in it and she pulled them out since she didn't plant them and thought they were weeds!  What is that saying... something about one persons weeds is another persons flowers!

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