Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy Canada Day.... July 4th and Fertilizer Friday...

Im wishing all my Canadian family,  friends and blog followers a wonderful long weekend.. Usually we liked to go out camping on this weekend. What are you doing for Canada Day? 
This is part of the Red Hot pokers that I divided and moved over to the faucet bed.. Im happy that they are going to bloom this year

love the contrast of the blue spiderwart  agaisnt the maltese cross which was started from seed last year
and starting to actually look a little more interesting. Perhaps next year it will resemble the grouping I had of it out on the praires.

The same spiderwart with the butterfly weed.

Pink butterfly weed

over at the pond the mermaid is still hanging out and enjoying her reign over the frogs.

This is the moon garden off to the south of the pond but mostly shaded other then late afternoon

The pond from up on the deck. 

finally a picture to share with the flowers open. The gold fish are loving that the lilies give them
so many leaves to hide under from the constant hunt of the blue herons that are in abundance here.

I love the arrowhead grass. It adds a nice height and contasting texture to just the 
reeds or the water lilys.

A splash of colour before the shade.

Poppies are still blooming. I've left some to go to seed in hopes that it will spread for next year.

It use to be so monochromatic here! 

the peachy coloured lily with a blast of the clustered peach leaved bell flower.

Orange butterfly weed.

dusty pink lilys with yellow tails of ligularia

Sorry my photos are so blurry!...It was taken with my Iphone and then I rushed off to pick my daughter up
from the hospital.. Shes been in and out with some issues that hopefully the Doctors have figured out now.
I missed posting this for Canada day.. and for July 4th.. Better late then never though and since its
Fertilizer Friday Im getting my flaunt on...
Two days off already and two more to go! How wonderful....
I hope all of you had a wonderful July 4th.