Saturday, July 13, 2013

getting my flaunt on...

I thought I would go ahead and link up over at May Dreams Garden for July Bloom day...
If you haven't walked my garden before I hope you enjoy and if you have...Then thank you for stopping by again.

This week Im getting my flaunt on!....just look at all that colour! ....hmmm there is a lot going on here and some of it has to go...but, Im enjoying the explosion of colour which changes as the different flowers bloom and shifting the dominant colours....

On a closer look you get to see what is creating the explosion.. It reminds me of a play I was in in elementry school called "Johnny Brown's garden" I played a tiger lily which did not play well with the other flowers and thought rather well of itself. The other flowers all band together and ended up getting the tiger lily pulled with the thistle!

An even closer look..

There is more white showing up over in the "Moon garden" Next week I hope to show you the "Ladys tresses"... bought not only because its a pretty plant and white but also because of its name!

This the "Dry bed" simply because there isn't any actual irrigation in this bed... Not because everything that gets planted here actually likes it dry... I do take those specific things into consideration..But, I also figure that the plants haven't read the book! They might not grow as big or bloom as spectacularly but they will grow...and if not then I move them!
This is the Hollyhock started from seeds collected while I worked at the Reader Rock garden over in Alberta Canada. We actually restored the rock garden and got it to a Historical designation. An amazing job with wonderful knowledgeable gardeners. 

One of several Daylilies. I have several different shades, hues of yellow. Im sure that they are all different actual species. Unfortunately though I would be shooting in the dark to label them for sure.
This beauty is over in the Northwest side of the house... planted around yellow daylilies and the bronze coloured ninebark.
Another pink one...
My "twigs" of butterfly bush that I planted last fall did come back. Or at least a few have. Several have as yet to bloom. The white blooming one is going to be awesome later on...NO I did not move it to the Moon Garden.... Its happy where it is and breaks up two distinct colour schemes.
A lighter coloured species...
This was taken only about 10 days there is a red with yellow throat daylily blooming right under the blue pottery bird feeder... hopefully I will get a picture into this post....or next week!

Things have bloomed and been cut back making way for the next act to shine..
Im loving the Delph's although they are very sparse for this year they hopefully will develop into bigger clumps yearly. I've bought five different species with the hope of a mirage of colour weaving 
together to create something spectacular in the Butterfly garden and over close to the new&&&&%##@&&^*  ( Its a secret!!) more to come later!
As you can see I enjoy this colour combination.

I love to sit here underneath the big shade tree looking not only up the river but a cross the pond and then to my right is the new Shade garden walk and to my left is the Moon Garden
Tootsie I believe you mentioned getting a hardier Wisteria... Here is mine!. I had it on the South west side of the upper deck and it grew like crazy. Two things were wrong with that setting. First of all the Bear kept putting his BBQ in front of the branches that weaved in and out of the railings and secondly, Wisteria's will only bloom once the branches go horizontal. Where they were they had to grow a good 8 feet before they could trail horizontally. So on the South East side of the house I can plant them up on the top of the rock wall and they grow only 3.5 feet before going horizontally. I lovingly untwined the tendrils from the rails and straightened them out.... place the plant there to wait for weeks... the buds didn't do anything. I almost ripped it out but decided to go and buy another plant and let it trail along the existing branches. About two weeks after planting the new one the older one started to bud out..... Look at it now... Its actually starting to bloom! I hope to one day see a lot of grape like clusters dangling down and being able to walk under them through the Pond garden.
ohhh pretty cardinal flowers blooming beside the pond... Red was not suppose to go here but I just couldn't resist!

I had only three small plants of this butterfly weed till last year when everything bloomed so early. I didn't get the usual Monarch butterfly caterpillars eating away at the long silk filled seed pods so I "helped" mother nature to spread them through out this bed and spill into a few other areas. Butterfly's and all there much needed life cycles are welcomed by the mermaid at Frog Hollow.

This view shows how much the colour has changed along the walk way since the may posts.
These pumpkins are from seeds that I just quickly popped into the soil before taking what remained of the pumpkin stack last October. It will be interesting to see what pumpkins grow. Yes I will regret not moving these plants while they were smaller. The temperature has been well above 80 here for the past week and trust me the plants have grown inches daily!

Heres a look at the very first Wisteria bloom!....Ohhhh such joy...

Im hooking up with Tootsie over at Fertilizer Friday...
Sorry its late! Im up at Frankenmuth MI a Bavarian style town where Bronner's Christmas is 
year round!  I just took some downtime to read the other bloggers linkin up and realized mine
didn't publish...

Now Im off to watch the super dogs and go on a riverboat ride before dinner.
Have a fabulous week.