Friday, September 20, 2013

Comfort through smiles and tears.....

  1. Comfort.... Wow! a very powerful word..perhaps even confusing as it really has so many meanings .....So I looked it up!

    1. 1.
      a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint.
      "room for four people to travel in comfort"

    2. 2.
      consolation for grief or anxiety.
      "a few words of comfort"
    1. 1.
      make (someone) feel less unhappy; console.
      "she broke down in tears and her friend tried to comfort her"

      Thats all very good But... What does comfort mean to me? It of course depends on what my inner needs are at the moment. 
      Comfort is that feeling I got when life was tough and I would rush to have my girls close to me...wrapping myself in the protective sheild of our love...feeling its strength. Gathering strength because of their need for me to be strong!

      Comfort is also the feeling I get sitting in my living room on the couch with a cup of tea and starring into the  fireplace. Sitting on the porch and gazing out over the garden after a long days work. 

      Comfort is also the feeling I got this morning having been given the opportunity after dropping off my car to walk several blocks and feel my heart pounding, the fresh warm fall air against my skin and blowing my hair. Comfort is the knowledge that I am able to walk! That my health is good enough that I can enjoy these simple joys of life.

      Comfort is going to bed at night with a full stomach and a roof over my head! 

      Comfort is the knowledge you have a good friend... Someone you can count on to call you on your s#@t....
      and has your back!..

      Comfort is a powerful word..... Is there someone you are in a position to reach out to and offer a helping hand in any small way that just might make their day better. 

      Again a topic I would not normally cover ....Food for thought... Its made me look at the every day things I take for granted and be thankful and find comfort... Comfort here in Michigan for so many people is in their strong love and belief in God. 

      What gives you comfort? How do you find it? Is it in prayer or with a great cup of coffee...

      again Im linking this over at the "Story of my Life"... For the Blogtembers last post of the week. 
      I will be back in the garden this weekend and working on several projects. What plans do you have for this weekend. Perhaps now you will look for some way to give comfort to a friend.. Reach out to an elderly family member or a young one who just needs a hug.